People ask churches to pray for God’s intervention on road accident


People in the country have asked churches in the country to join hands to pray for God’s intervention on the increased road accidents.

Responding on Malawi24’s Facebook Page on what should be done to reduce number of road accidents, Malawians said the best solution to this is to pray hard.

The post saw several people asking Christians to come together and the Almighty to take the country out of these accidents which have claimed many lives in a short period of time.

Accidents are now becoming a common sight in Malawi.

In the month of June alone, the country has registered over ten major accidents which have seen over 15 people losing their lives and over 20 people suffering serious injuries.

On Friday, June 23 the country registered four serious accidents which included the Zalewa City Tours accident, Magalasi truck accident in Blantyre, Nsipe lorry accident in Ntcheu and Mzimba lorry accident where 48 MSCE candidates failed to sit for their exams.

Reacting to the post, Manzy Hamisie said: “We need to have very strong prayers to these things happening including our friends ma Moslems fasting yao aponyere kwakuya kuti Satan asakhale ndi gawo.”

Andrew Selso Lipenga Jnr said: It’s a spiritual battle which is out of people’s hands and need God’s intervention hence need for countrywide prayers.”

While Phillip Munyenyembe added that: “We need to pray as a country and also we need to be on fasting to stop these evil deeds.”

However, several people who commented put the blame on government for poor roads.
Drivers were also not spared as people said their careless driving has led to the increased road accidents.
Meanwhile, police in the Directorate of Road Traffic and Safety Services have placed stiff punishment to all the careless drivers.



  1. U ask God now but u dont blv in God u have ur own God that u call papa or major thats why God dont want to look back but to punish the people.lets stop giving someone power like is God.

  2. Thats calling the name of the Lord in vain. Do you expect God to come down and fix the law and the roads for you?
    Drivers should be well trained and not buying licences
    Roads should be well maintained and not government to enrich their ministers with 4×4’s
    Police should be well empowered and not corrupt policemen
    Your hard working will give birth to God’s intervention
    When , all above are done, then God’s intervention will authomatically be done.

  3. If U Cannot Handle With Care, A Knife 4 Vegetable Cutting Can Kill.So Too With De Vehicles.Drivers, Traffic Officers And Govmnt R Following Satan By Practising Drunkardness, Corruption N Misusing Public Funds Meant 4 Better Roads Respectively. Repent Therefore N Be BornAgains “Mulape “

  4. Kupemphera sikwa azibusa okha, aliyense atenge mbali posatengera kuti awa kapena awo ndi ampingo wanji.

    .Zoona titenge step yotitengera kumtendere, kuti aliyense akakhala paulendo adzikhala ndichikhulupiriro kuti akafika ” dzuka Malawi nupemphere, MULUNGU alipo kumvetsera ndi kuyankha pempho lako”

    • We only seek His intervention only when the situation is bad but when it works, we are quiet. When there’s drought, we pray as a nation but when there’s good harvest, we say the climate is favorable

    • We surely need spiritual healing in this case.
      How can we just attribute good harvest to favourable weather when drought brings us to God? Is God not responsible for favourable weather condition? Malawians…….

  5. Vuto a Malawi ambiri tatengeka ndi ziphunzitso zonyenga zasatana ndizimenezi zikutibwelesera zowawa zonsezi aneneri amtundu wanji kulemera mosaziwika bwino umangoziwiratu ndiakumidima awa

  6. There’s moment we people are stupid and foolish in thinking. How God is associated with drunkenness of the drivers while driving? How God is associated with phone chatting or messaging while on the road? How God is associated with rough driving, done by our young and old generation in our countries?

    Some things are Non-Godly. They’re created and motivated by ourselves as per our behaviors. Instead of teaching our drivers to drive safely by avoiding some things they do which endanger the passengers’ and their lives, we ask God to “intervene”

    Is God the rough driver!? Is God the drunker? Is God the phone addict while driving? God’s not involved in any of what mentioned ever. It’s our behaviors that make accidents happen everyday. God don’t send anybody to disobey the road signs, God don’t encourage people to overtake even in a place where that is unacceptable.

    Don’t involve God in mistakes you do willingly! God’s always righteous, drivers are unrighteous. God’s careful, drivers are careless, God’s always wise, drivers are reckless.

    Everything we do, perpetuates rapid increase of accidents and deaths of innocent individuals, among them women and children. Then we call God for what? To teach us how to solve the problems which we ready know how to solve!? Drivers all over Africa, are driving higher speed, which can cause poor control of the motor vehicles, so the solution is plainly clear: CHANGING BEHAVIOR IN DRIVING. DRIVING SAFE! NOT TO DRINK AND DRIVE! CONDEMN DRIVERS FOR ROUGH DRIVING, STOP CHATTING OR LISTENING PHONES WHILE ACCELERATING!
    You want God to teach us an importance of taking buses and other cars for service, every after certain period???????? Don’t we know it!????

    Solutions are there, known to all of us including drivers. Calling God is for? It’s like pretending not knowing the solution. It’s like pretending don’t know what someone is talking about while yesterday you did it! That’s tempting God…

  7. I dont agree with this! We should take measures first.did u know india has the highest deaths from road accident and look at the roads its bad more cars more people on poor roads,poor cars,poor safety systems its death.the highest road deaths happens in africa with the list in europe and america,japan and all well to do countries. More children die before 5 years in africa than anywhere else. Africa has the lowest life expectancy in the world nde kuti satana only happens to attack africa only?mind you God gave human wisdom so to rule the world and if your wisdom is nothing but an empty tin you face the reality…….God will come in the end he left the world to us we will be judged for spoiling it but we are fools.we will keep praying and doing nothing and will be judged….foolish africans

  8. People ask churches to pray for God’s intervention on road accidents.My question is;what do people think God created them for in this world? I guess God created everyone to serve Him.So everybody not churches only must take part in praying for God’s intervention on road accidents happening in Malawi

  9. God has nothing to do with the reckless and drunk driving that is so rampant on the roads of Malawi right now. People need to come to their senses and realize this fact!

  10. Kale kunali ma bus ambiri ngakhalenso aja a double deck koma zimenezi sizimachitika yokha ndikuikumbukira ndi ija yapa railway crossing pachirimba train ndi bus panafa anthu 32,anthu samapasa mpata azibusa osawadziwa kuwapempherera paulendowawo m’basimo,aliyense amapempherera pa yekha pochoka kwao lero mukutenga ma agent asatanic kumakuimirani papephero lapaulendo,zoopsya zimenezo

  11. Let’s also look at natural causes, when was the last time these buses were serviced, let’s spend energy on improving our road conditions and avoid vandalizing road signs. drivers let’s stick to driving instructions

  12. Mike Gama you said in the bible there is a scripture that says, God helps those who help themselves. OK can you tell me which book and verse so that we may believe that , you are speaking things from the bible?

  13. These accidents are to be avoided by human effort not essentially God’s involvement.Human error needs human solution.Responsible authorities should find out the cause and way forward.

    • What about making sure that the drivers licensing authorities are testing the driving abilities and not just giving out licenses in exchange for a wad of cash? That’s not a God problem, that’s a people problem!

    • U can say that again people ain’t responsible on the road irrespective Kuti how they got their driving permits…….eish zafikapa mpaka devil atikanira kuti izi si ine but your own making. People always don’t have patience on the road, don’t periodically​ check the condition of their car’s we are just careless yet we want to put the blame on others​. Let’s be responsible on the road we only live once a traffic sangakhale paliponse

  14. Kumidima akufuna nyama komanso magazi,maprophet abusa ansembe achipembezo nonse mukutani ine ndiziwona mavuto akumalawi pamene ndili kusouth africa,angelo ayehova anandipeza kuti tiye ukawoone anthu ako zimene akuchita,mmene ndinangofika kupeza anthu ali nyama zawanthu ndimagazi,ndiye ndipeleke uthenga kuti mukhala mukulandira mavuto wophsya ndiyenso kumwamba sikupelekanso mvula mpakana mutalangika,ndanena munyozere komanso mutukwane tiwoone ngati yehova angagojere anthu ndanena ngati kapolo wa yehova.

  15. Indeed, God should intervene, He is our shelter and refuge and He NEVER fails his people, let us pray in deadly earnest!


  17. Chenjezo kwa amene ukuti wabisala ukupha anthu anga wosalakwa amene ine ndimamutumikira ine ndiyehova ndipo ndawona mapulani ako,ine ndi azilonda kapena maguard adzanga,komanso commander wathu yehova,ndi wachiwiri yesu we are ready to fight.

  18. Koma vuto ndiloti amalawi timakonda kutikwana atsogoleri amipingo tiyeni tipeleke ulemu kwa munthu yemwe akupeleka uthenga wa mau amulungu

  19. Remember The First Thng Bus Owners Ambiliwa Chuma Chawo Ndi Cha U Satanic The 2nd Thng We Have Corrupt Traffic Officers And Road Authority Who Gives Out Fake Cof’s And Fake D Licences To Untrained Cayotes. In General God Has Alot To Do

  20. Mudapempha Mulungu kut mvula ibwere yabwino,zidatero koma palibe amene adanena kut tipange mapemphero othokpza kut mvula yagwa yabwino…Lero ABC,Osamangomufuna Ambuye pa Mavuto pokha.

  21. Ngati mmakachisimo anthu angokhalira kukangana mpaka kupitisana kukhothi ndiye zingatheke kuti apempherere dziko mpaka Mulungu kuyankha? Paliponse sipali bwino chisokonezo chachuluka

  22. It’s good move me also i agreed that God should intervene it’s now worse than ever …everyday we here of accidents in our country Malawi indeed should intervene i can also encourage those people who come up with that decision to go ahead pliz .

  23. Lol God is not gonna do anything about drivers who drive like lunatics, remember in the bible it says God helps people who help themselves

  24. especially a PAC atengeposo mbali asamangojijilika za ndale kuiwala ntchito. the time they are doing liberation theology they must also do moral, biblical and donatism theologies.

  25. U prayed to God for good rains he answered but never gvn thanx giving prayers. Now u want to pray to him to stop the accidents? Osamafuna mulungu when only things are bad.

    • Yohane Gomani if I can’t play with him which means he is not my father. Did the devil told you that it’s him who is causing the accidents?

    • Yohane Gomani What a dumb and backward way of looking at a desperate situation that needs real and urgent human solutions. Accidents are 100% the makings of man. So it’s quite idiotic to try pinning blame on some non existent forces. Grow up and be realistic!

    • ok i see so then according to your exerience what can it be the coz of accidents in our nation & what should the gvt do inorder to reduce road accident?

    • May God punish the devil for causing some of these accidents. As for you who you who don’t believe this, I pray that God open your eyes so that you know that the supernatural realm where spiritual forces operate exists.

    • Zengani Kayira give me evidence that its the devil who is causing these accidents, don’t blame something that doesn’t exist.

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