Manganya hits back at DPP secretary general

Michael Usi

Renowned comedian Michael Usi popularly known as Manganya has hit back at Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) secretary general Greselder Jeffrey over her remarks to have Usi stoned once seen in Mulanje.

Jeffrey is reported to have ordered DPP youth known as party cadets to chase away Usi and renowned business giant Sidik Mia once the two are seen in Mulanje.

Michael Usi
Michael takes Jefrey head n.

At a political rally held at Chonde under Mulanje South East constituency, Jeffrey urged the cadets not to allow other people to pass through what she called DPP’s home.

Reacting on the matter through the Saturday episode of “Tikuferanji”, Manganya faulted the sentiments arguing they are meant to ignite violence.

Manganya in Radio “Namulukuwa” scene as a presenter expressed worry over the sentiments arguing women are “known to be peacemakers” and not violent.

“Kale kwathu mtsikana akamakutukwana iwe osamubwezela, akakumenya iwe osamubwezela, amati akukufuna (a long time ago in my home village, when a girl has slapped you and you don’t fight back, some people were saying that that girl has fallen in love with you,” said Brake Manganya in the scene.

He further advised the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) not to go for demonstrations but continue with “dialogue” with government on the resolutions made at its 5+1 all inclusive stakeholders meeting.

Usi also urged PAC to continue standing for the poor citizenry of Malawi on the challenges they face.

“Other people are saying PAC is irrelevant, it is you who is irrelevant not PAC,” said Namulukuwani presenter, Manganya.

Manganya has been seen to be looked with angry face for his criticism to the government on the social and economic challenges in Malawi.



  1. all what manganya was saying is to maintain peace and order for the good of the nation…manganya is one of respected individuals among lomwes from mulanje…he deserves respect….we love him and is the son of Mulanje and malawi at large

  2. I have never voted in mylife but this tym around u got my vote we really need people like you mr manga bcoz we are sick tired of this thieves who have been using our tax money on their personal needs

  3. dats height of shame +stupidity to de lowest point how can Malawian remain silent when some people ar destroying our taxes do u think we ar blind or deef no we see what’s goes wrong and who is behind it just wait time will come u will pay back

  4. Greselder,Solve This Puzzle Honestly:

    Timutenge Bwampini Kumuika Apo

    Ndikumutenga Usi Kumuika Apo

    Ayambe Kudinda Fundo Zokomera Amalawi,surely Bwampini Sangamake.

    Sindinafune Kunena Za U Handsome Apa.Kk.Kuphunzira Kwambiri;kuti Manganya Ali Ndi Ma Masters Mu Ma Field Ambiri Kuposa Nyaphapi.


  5. Azimayi oterewatu ngakhale MABANJA awo samalimba,mwina ngati lingalimbe chifukwa chakuti ali nditi ndalama ndiye AMUNA awo ndiwopeza motsikirapo mosafanana ndiwowa.Tidziphunzira kuyankhula mawu OMANGA MALAWI osati KUMASULA KUNDALEKU coz DZIKO MWALIWONONGA KALE POMAGAWANA NDALAMA ZAMISONKHO YATHU ndiye MUDZITIWOPSEZANSO

  6. Don’t hit back manga,osabwezera poti kubwezera ndi tchimo,its betta kubwezera kwabwino upikisane nawo muzisankho za 2019 kenako hit them strong in de ballot paper in de box,uzapikisane nawo tizaone wankulu ndani okalowa ufumuwo

  7. who can west his vote to Manganya should he dance AGoMBe lero AgoMbe Waiya waiyaiya In paliament what,let him do drama basi

    1. You guys only exist within the boundaries of your villages when the one you give silly names has made the best of the greater part of his life amongst the World’s most civilised People who they still have respect for to this very minute or second.

    2. There are a lot of recognised people in this country who have made a greter part in those civilised people but unfortunately you only knows Peter wa Muthalika. The one who was just clowned a leader in the name of proffessor who has just runked our lonely country amongst the top 10 poor country. kkkkkkkkkkk.

    3. Aslong as you wakeup, begin to think & work extra hard for yourself, you’ll nolonger blame others for your failures. Europe’s wealth came by themselves & no Aid.

    4. Cry cry cry for ur IBU… As for me nobody can claim am not a well to do person. This Stupid Fool has destroyed our once good country. A best Fake IBU professor of USA!! Kkkkkkkkkkk

  8. MR PRESIDENT Would You Please Fire This Terrorist So Called DPP Secretary General B4 Things Get Out Of Hand..We Need Constructive Ideas Not Destructive Ideas,,,SO Wa Jeffrey Is Just Trying To Buy Favour From U By Vomiting Unnecessary Fire..

  9. I see nothing wrong in what Manganya has written may be we need to read again so that we understand his text. If anything, our SG must learn to select good words so that we co _ exist peacefully

  10. when is michael Usi standing for Presidency? Am waiting to give him my vote. I like his ideas not mbatama zinazi, tatopa nazo ife. More fire Manganya osasekelera zopusa!

  11. Politicians must learn to embrace both constructive and destructive criticism, you just can’t shut people’s mouth in a democratic society

  12. This lady is up to something.
    Terrorism on critics won’t work for the DPP.
    Why can’t the President warn or discard this evil lady?
    A civil war starts with small political mistakes of attacking critics.

  13. Half man akuti kufuna kutchuka, koma tikumumvetsetsa kufupika kuja mtima umagundana ndi manyi nkuona nthawi zambiri amapanga zobalalika.

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