Man murdered for attempting to steal chickens


Community policing members in Zomba have beaten to death a man who attempted to steal chickens in the district.

Eastern Region Police Spokesperson Joseph Sauka has confirmed the incident to Malawi24 and has warned people in the district against taking laws into their hands.

According to Sauka, the deceased Belington Pindani, 38, on Wednesday night broke into the house of Gift Rabson of village Kaliyo in the area of Traditional Authority Mulumbe in the district with intent to steal chickens.

“As he was entering the house after breaking the door, the owner of the house heard the noise of the door and woke up only to see the suspect. He then cried for help and managed to apprehend him with the help of his brother,” Sauka said.

The homeowner took the thief to a chief who referred him to community policing members only identified as Joel and Mr Maloya.

“The two community policing members started beating the suspected thief as a way of seeking confession but unfortunately the suspect died,” Sauka added.

After noticing that the suspect has died, the two escaped and the matter was reported to Zomba police station.

The suspected thief was rushed to Zomba Central Hospital where he was confirmed dead.

Postmortem conducted at the hospital revealed that death was due to internal bleeding.

The deceased Belington Pindani came from Kaunde village, Traditional Authority Mulumbe in Zomba.

Meanwhile, Police in the district are hunting for the two community policing members who are at large and upon their arrest, they will answer the charge of murder contrary to section 209 of the Penal Code.



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  3. I think this mob justice should be acting on those who are in goverment also,eg the cashgate scandal, those guys deserves mob justice. Not to a poor man like him .you must think twice before the action taken.a chicken cant make someone face a such penalty. SHAME. Wake up malawi. Lets mob the cashgaters and maizegaters.and I will be the first to cast the stone.

  4. Anthu inu osaganiza bwnj kuti ndyekut akhala akumugwra akuba zambri iyahhh ambirinu comment ngat angelo munakumanapo nd ankhwezule okubawa usiku inu ndthu mukumanepo nawo akugagadeni nonse tione ngat muzacommenteso za no justice iyah fwefwefwe pano nanuso mumaba eti tiotcha

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  6. People are tired of unending social instability in their communities, and misconduct in government service dispensation.

    In Africa, corruption is almost the number one “CANCER” that’s sucking justice and order of our countries. Most of thieves are handled to the police officers and stations but, shortly after arrest, same thieves seem in the neighbourhood walking and smiling. This angers people and that’s why at the end of the day people loose confidence with the so called “Law enforcement bodies ” and, take “control” of the thieves!

    In Tanzania, thieves are burnt out almost every day in different cities, towns and villages, it’s common. When people mistrust their regulative bodies, decisions are made and executed by themselves.

    It must the lesson to our officers and governments to ensure that they “clean ” themselves well in serving the community so that gain trustworthiness. Otherwise, mob killings will continue so long thieves are there.

  7. my question is ……do we need civic education on evil of mob justice?……….koz surely u can’t tell me that the so called community police dint have the sense of wisdom and knowledge to kno the evils of mob justice………

    more its jus an attempt…….what defence will the c.p….have if relatives of the deceased choose to take the issue further ?that through legal proceedings ?…….surely they will have a case to answer…. unless they tell me that their community policing act guarantees them to murder any one ….attempting t commit a crime…..

  8. if they also take bribe no different.
    no one deserve to die thus why there is prison . if God were punishing us in this way no one would have been in this world.

  9. Mpaka kumupha,not good. Okuba ndiye osanamizana,tilipo ambiri vuto ndi lokuti sitigwidwa. May our law act on those who killed their fellow thief.

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