Guard gets 7 years for raping mentally ill girl


The Mangochi first grade magistrate court has sentenced a 68-year-old man to 7 years imprisonment with hard labour for raping a 20-year-old mentally ill girl.

Constable Raphael Chitsamba, a prosecutor based at Namwera Police Post, told court that the victim lives at Grace Farm Children’s Home in Namwera where the accused person works as a security guard.

“On Thursday officials from Mangochi social welfare went there in order to chat with the children. As they were interacting the children were given a chance to express their concerns that’s when the victim complained that she had been raped several times by the guard in a nearby bush which is inside the campus and that he gives her money in order not to reveal to anyone,” he said.

Chitsamba added that upon hearing this, the social welfare and orphanage centre officials reported the matter to Namwera Police Post where a report was issued and results from Mangochi District Hospital confirmed that the victim was indeed sexually molested.

Detective Mike Sally who investigated the issue summoned all male workers at the Orphanage centre and ordered the victim to identify the man who had been sexually abusing her. Consequently the victim identified Somba two times by grabbing him on the shoulder.

Appearing in court, the rapist pleaded not guilty and four witnesses testified including the medical personnel.

After being found guilty, the rapist asked court to consider his old age however the prosecutor pleaded for a custodial sentence.

When passing judgement, his worship first grade Magistrate Ronald M’bwana sentenced the convict to 7 years in jail not only for taking advantage of the victim’s condition but also for failing to be honest and to protect the orphans who were kept in his custody.

Kassim hails from Somba village, Traditional Authority Jalasi in Mangochi district.