World Vision geared to end early marriages


World Vision Malawi has introduced a sensitisation campaign which is involving faith leaders with the aim of reducing early marriages among girls in the country.

World Vision National Director Hazel Nyathi said the organization has engaged different stakeholders in the country to make sure every sector of the society is not left out.

Nyathi said this on Wednesday in Lilongwe during a meeting which drew together different faith leaders, both Muslims and Christians.

She said the organization has discovered that even the church leaders also condemn child marriages and admired the campaign saying it has come in time.

Nyathi however admitted that it will take time for some people in Malawi to understand the negative effects of child marriages.

“We understand that not most in the country view child marriages in different aspects according to culture, believes among others as such we know  that it will take time  in this country to understand disadvantages of early marriages,” Nyati said.

She therefore encouraged the faith leaders in the country to be at forefront discouraging early marriages in the country.

Nyathi said the sensitisation campaign will be conducted from community, district and up to national level as a way of making it effective.




  1. Junior Students, When Are Involved In Early Marriages Both Should Be Punished Bcoz They Recieve Counselling From Parents Concern Importance Of Xool& They Ages. Bt They Take It Valueless.

  2. Have they done their research on why some of the girls marry early? I don’t wanna be one of those who claps for empty agendas, let’s talk about empowering the girls with their needs first before thinking we can just wak3 up and start telling them they cant marry. Most of them are running away from poverty ain’t it

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