Kamlepo queries K2.5bn allocation to nutrition


Rumphi East parliamentarian Kamlepo Kalua on Wednesday questioned the K2.5 billion allocated to nutrition saying the amount is too much.

Kalua raised the issue during 2017/18 National Budget deliberations in Parliament.

The legislator said he was not satisfied with the MK2.5 billion allocated to Food and Nutrition Security Program under the Ministry of Health.

Kamlepo Kalua
Kalua questioned the allocation.

He asked the Minister of Finance, Goodall Gondwe to clarify on such allocation of funds to the program.

“Food and nutrition security program, K2.5 billion, I want the minister of finance to pronounce it safe on that allocation, I thank you chair,” Kalua said.

Responding to Kalua’s concern, Minister of Health Peter Kumpalume said the amount is not too much for the program.

“This nutrition thing I think honourable members we need to understand that to win over the fight against HIV/AIDS we really need to provide supplement. This has been a request that we have been receiving over and over again,” Kumpalume said.

He added that the money will among others be used to buy supplements for people that need supplements because their HIV medications are not working properly.

“So I think we should consider this a worthy investment if we are going to win the fight against HIV/AIDS,” Kumpalume said.



  1. Kamlepo amanena zoona nthawi zonse,ndalama zaikidwazo 2.5 bln sizipindulira ana onyentchera koma zipindulira mayi awoo achuma kalewo bcoz this is a new cashgate system. Kamlepo don’t fear sakusowesanso kkkkkk

  2. Amongst the so many MPs that i cherish Kamlepo is one of them. Big up Kamlepo ” You are not a noise maker in that house “. I wish we had more constructive MPs like him, and as a country we would have moved an inch from where we are in terms of development. Kamlepo is against corruption but he is hated. With keen interest i had seen how he has been contributing to the passing of 2017/18 budget. ” Keep up Kamlepo “.

  3. I should say thanks ada kamlepo ndinu munthu odzindikira kwambiri osati mbudzi zinazi sizikupenya komwe zikupita

  4. Nose amene mukuti Kamlepo ndiwamisala muzikhululukile nokha. Kodi when are you going to start kupenya. One thing is for sure the Kamlepo I have come to know will not stop until the is order ku nutrition ko.

  5. Its true the money will not go where it should be, since the madam president is ruling the lines that’s why you gave that huge amount cash, I don’t see any one or a government giving kids nutrients around the country,

    1. Herbert Chazuka read properly. He didn’t say its not important. Yes Malawi need that nutrition. But the price is over, eg yes I need a newspaper but because I need it so fast then charge me 200000 per copy. He is aware that people want aid but to overcharge on top of poor people is wrong

  6. This is true the amount is too much…….akupanga zimenezi just bcoz nutrition ili under office of president akufuna angobapo apa…………..only people who see far like Kamlepo ndi amene angazimvetsetse zinthuzi.

    1. Oh really? but sindikukhulupilira kut nutrition ikuthandiza what I’ve seen before its only workshops where they spend millions for discussing things w don’t knw

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