Just in: City Tours bus overturns near Zalewa roadblock

Three people are confirmed dead after a bus they were traveling overturned at Zalewa Roadblock this morning.

According to a police report, the accident happened in the wee hours of today, Friday, June 23 just near Zalewa roadblock.

Zalewa bus accident

Reports say that the bus registration number BU 4709, Scania Marcopolo was being driven from Lilongwe direction heading towards Blantyre along the M1 road.

On arrival at Zalewa, it is reported that the driver failed to negotiate a corner and the bus swiftly overturned.

Reports say three passengers died on the spot while one other had her right arm fractured and the others on board escaped with minor injuries.

The bus had its offside part dented.

Police have identified the three deceased as Macford Chizaka aged 26, C/O Chitungwani Full Primary school Box148 Chapananga, Chipiliro Tembo Katchakhwala village T/A Kumtaja, Blantyre C/O Box 7 Mkula and Grace Kandoje C/o Box 1428 Blantyre.



  1. zakumidima zimakhala choncho inu muli blind forded ndi overloading simukuziwa kut eniake akupezerapo mwazi womwe akugunawo tikulipila zonse zaulele zomwe tikulandila mmalawi muno so watch out Malawi tipita ambiri let’s pray hard muzasimikiza may angawa zaulelezi zikatha ngozi zizathaso coz misewuyi tinayamba nikale kuyendapo koma ngozi sizinkachitika daily like this n overloading yakhala ikuchitika mmalawi koma this tym ganizani bho bho guys Satan is at his work kunja tinapitaku takadziputila nkhondo tilimbe nayo Malawi at spiritual war .ndangodusa otsutsa mukhoza kutsutsa koma zindikilani kut si nthawi yotsutsa koma kupemphera bas Malawi shud b saved.zikomo



  4. Amene akuchititsa ngozi zimenezi ambuye amuyendele mwaoadela dela cz zikuonjedza ngat iyeyo ndiwamuyaya uzafa infa yowawa

  5. I fail to understand how the driver could fail to negotiate a corner just near Zalewa Road block. Nowhere is mentioned the bus developed a fault. If failing to negotiate a corner is the cause of this accident then I can blame the driver. For those of us who know Zalewa, there is no corner that a driver can fail to negotiate in normal circumstances. This driver was over speeding!

  6. I agree with u theophilus maurice chathyoka. The evil spirit is rulling especially this month of june. We need to join hands together and pray. May their souls who lost their lives rest in peace.

  7. People this is a spiritual war this month of June is the month of devil worshipers it was happening so many times in August now after prayer worriers discovered this satanist have change the month of worship the devil its not only in Malawi read world news 24 channel this month millions of people have gone including burning houses look at ZIMBABWE, ZAMBIA, S.AFRICA and many more in ZIMBABWE its was 43 people died on the spot the bus was coming from Harare going to Lusaka

  8. Ths is geting out of control the goverment mst do something or else more ppl will die. I dnt thnk ths accidents ar related t satanic nop.The Big Problem is Overloading ppl in the Bus plus makatundu. Toomuch Speed and our Roads ar not in gud condition toomuch Potholes

  9. Mizimu yawo iuse mu mtendere zonse ndi nthawi pepani akubanja ambuye oziwa kutonthoza akutonthozeni ifenso tikudikira lanthu tsiku

  10. I totally blame Traffic Dept
    1 How the drivers obtain their licenses
    2 What do they do if they mount roadblocks

    All these are the results of corruption at this Dept. Rules can be made but with our present traffic officers, you just wasting your time and resources when formulating those rules

  11. ….walakwano chani munthu konse apite kuli imfa, ikamuphonya edzi munthu, pa msewu ngozi imdula moyo, ikamuphonya nkhondo munthu, chivomelezi chingomsalaza, masiku achabe ano tingosamila kwa Yehova.(Soldier- Lucius Banda)

  12. mubale wanga anamwalira pangozi ya bus ya company yemweyo.. amachokera ku lilongwe kupita BT 2weeks ago, lero ndi izi tikumva apazi.ma driver a city tours mumuziwe yesu

  13. Peopke,why we come up with our ideas when something happen? Most of the coments are not even making sense,are not related with the story. Even a 20years of experience atha kupanga ngozi. Think of the Roads we have in malawi,are not even in a standard form.no even road signs. Think of the owners of the busses,they dont give full services to their buses. When we talk about the government,hope u know the story.they dont care. Lets mourn our friends who had lost their lives. And let the trafic department to investgate the course of the accident. we have alot of weakneses in malawi. We need to cooperate and work hand in hand to end our weaknes.to build a better Malawi.

    1. My friend we can solve this problem on our own!!! We need to involve God by making prayers together as one nation.You can’t keep on blaming roads these are happening even in well built roads.If you don’t believe that it’s only God who can turn the story on our roads just watch the people who believe.

    2. I do agree with u Mr Enos kapite.but other things happen due to our careles.there is alot of things we can do to minimise such things.thats why there is safety.it doesnt mean to end ..if we can improve in making our roads fine,putting sign boards,well training drivers ,police trafic also working in a right way,drivers must comply the trafic rules and regulations. Minibus owners also must not always think of cash.they must think of our lives too by servicing their vehicles.atleast we can minimise it into a great lower % .our lives are very important than whatever every one have.so in everything we do ,safety first. Making players is very important thing Yes,but we cant b making player yet we are sleeping at our homes.we need to take an action so that GOD will give us more effort and wise to have new plans of minimising it.

    3. Thanks my brother, this really affect us badly but I hope the government Officials are also listening.God bless.

  14. guys tiyeni tikakwera bus tisamalore ena aiyimilemo… tizipatsana mpata wabwino, vutoso ndife ma passengers timaonelera nkhalidwe loyipari… ulendo wochoka ku Lilongwe kupita ku Blantyre ndiwautari sibwino kumasanjikana ngati matumba. mpake ngozi ikachitika pamakhala chipele.

  15. Sinthawi yolozana Zara mukatero mukupasa satana mphavu its not all about police or old buses no someone some where is paying blood some where

  16. Ma ”bus” akale oyendetsa anali agogo amayendetsa bwino kwambiri koma anyamatawa kuthamanga Ambuye tichitireni chifundo

  17. This is the.best.time for churches to be active and joining hands in praying for our nation Malawi. Lets conduct national prayers and ask God to intervene. One week of fasting n praying for every patriotic Malawian. Together we can

    1. Then u will fire the traffic police and let ur so called churches take over.if the buses are not road worthy did you check the drivers.they r driving day in and night dont have time to sleep yet they drink and smock maruwana b4 driving and do things they c on movies ,over speed those roads even 120km/h its too much poor road networks when a truck is coming u need to slow down and go on pavement plus our traffic police they are more interested in bribes than anything.we need to come up with solutions for that coz God can not help if u cant do right things

    2. Unless God builds the house he who builds it do that in vain so says the scpritures…. idont think all these accidents are caused by reckless driving and corrupt officers. In case you might have forgotten about Linthipe issue how it was silenced.

    3. I don’t want to be rude and I know you are a believer, but this problem will take more than a prayer to be solved. Just don’t know how want God to intervene when the traffic cops are corrupt and let these unroadworth vehicles to roam our roads.

    4. Then you think by firing all corrult traffic police officers can prevent the acciddnts? You think God cant forsake anation due to all the nasty attrocities happening in that nation? Even Israel was forsaken due her deeds. As we are trying different mechanism in addressing thr issue of corruption as yu are saging, all am saying is lets seek His face. The devil uses loopholes of evil to kill, steal, destroy.

    5. The thing is that accidents are too much. Think of that track that swiped innocent vehiches on the other side in BT. Can yu conclude that the drivr was drank and that the vehicle was unfit to be on the road? Produce police reports that are talking about accidents. If out of 10 reports 5 are backing your point i can be convinced.

    6. Most of these accidents are happening due to negligence on the part of traffic cops and vehicle owners, I don’t know what you want God to do here when people are reckless themselves. Don’t take this as blasphemy but I think God helps those who help themselves, so mew can start by looting out corruption.

    7. I believe in God but I also know that we are where we are because we expect God to mysteriously help us while we don’t do anything.

    8. #Juma_Matic is a non believer, may be some of you its your first time to debute with him on FB about our living God. Now today I’m happy bcoz he didn’t spoke any utter word(blasphemy) against our God. No wonder these accident are common nowadays coz some people refuses the will of God.

    9. I believe in God, I just don’t live and say God will give me a car and I wait for him to do it. We are poor because we think God is going to give us everything without putting any effort.

    10. The efforts are there! Thats y the traffic has come up with some rules in trying to reduce the accidents. Noone is saying we just need to pray to God and do nothing on the ground. Incase you dont know mr Jumah Matiki, by just kneeling down n pray its practical coz you are spfitualy putting his words into practice. “Ask and it shall be given to you” thats practical

  18. Mmmm i dont know who to blame but lets look at our bus drivers how they got their licence did they got it in the proper way?because its not all the drivers in malawi who got their licence in proper way some of them they just bought it

    1. don’t rush to blame on drivers on how they obtain there licences Coz evn the drivers who obtained there driving licence in a light process there are also on high verge of accident I think the thing is something is happening last year it was Tanzania now it’s Malawi

  19. Koma chikuchitika ndi chiani mudziko langa??? Ndinapempha mipingo kuti apange mgwilizano mipingo yonse pamodzi kwa nthawi yoyamba, mwina tikupempha mofatsa pakufunika satana kuti agonje ndi force.

    1. Remember Mu nthawi ya Bakili,analola nchitidwe wina uli wonder kulowa dziko muno,pamene kalero za Satanic sizinkamveka nkose,now ndi angati mukuwadziwa kapena mphekesera chabe kaya ndi oyimba,andale ndi ma.pastor amene analowa ku Satanic? Now ma million amapatsidwawo nyambo xake ndi izi,mupange check za gulu ili and zochita zawo,mukatha kutero mudziwa kuti dzikoli tinalipereka m’manja mwa satana chifukwa cha atsogoleri anthu.

  20. These buses are very old, boma likanawangongoza ma transporter ma bus atsopano ngati amachitila other countries

    1. Wt do u mean kuti bushiri atitha. Bro let me help u. Dp not fight again this pipo of God not even judge thm this pipo if are not frm God he will not Go far bt this are his God anointing so kip ur mounth shut if u dnt knw pipo of God than to talk sonething tht u dnt knw. U ur self u only fasted food myb a year ago these guys fastin food is thr life

  21. The problem is that Malawi police targets only minibuses pamene ama bus akuluakulu amakhara akuphwanya malamulo izi zili choncho coz ena mabus ndizinkhwaya & mostly well connected,, izi sizitha ndaendapo from BT to LL koma what I discover in every trip kuva zangozi choncho sichachilendo ,,amadusa muma roadblocks bus ili full and samaipanga even search…rest in peace & may God comfort all victims …

  22. Chuma chatengedwa ulendo unapitidwa uja chikabwezedwe tisanathemo mudziko muno ngozi zaonjeza izi ma billion osinthana ndi magazi,Yehova tithandizeni taza pamaso panu ife ana anu.

    1. Open ur eyes my friend, nkhani sikutha kwa bus koma devil ndiamene watenga gawo kwambiri tikungoyenera kupemphera kwambiri. every week bus??? zinachitikako chaka chake chiti ku malawi kuno zimenezi??? tinene kuti ma bus onse akuchita ngoziwa ndi okutha???

    2. The devil doesn’t drive a bus sister, these drivers drive carelessly sometimes, just figure it out how a car moves towards a road block, it goes slowly that any driver can manage to control any circumstances. it’s possible that he was speeding and then upon approaching the road block he was forcing the bus to slow that made the bus over turn

    3. My dear brother vuto sikutha kwa ma bus ayi but something is happening ndinakuuza mundiuze kuti Axa buses, Matours, City tours ndiokutha? Basi ma bus wo angotha miyezi yake imeneyi? Bwanji ma phampha a Stagecoach aja sankapanga chonchi?

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