Happening now: Minibus operators make U-tun: Staging strike


Minibus operators in Blantyre are currently staging a strike despite an announcement they made yesterday it was called off, we can confirm.

According to reports, they do not want to be regulated when coming up with fares.

The minibus operators are also protesting against some regulations placed by the Malawi Road Traffic directorate on their business.

In a court tussle with the Malawi Competition and Fair Trading Commission (CFTC), the operators through  the Minibus Owners Association of Malawi (MOAM) were stopped from regulating the fares.

Meanwhile, the strike is underway in the Malawi commercial city and people are being told by minibus drivers ‘its a day off today’.

In some townships like Ndirande, a minibus has reportedly been torched for not being in tandem with other operators.

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  1. Bravo Our Police.Iowa Akupanga Zimenezi Pamene Mwezi Ulipafupi Kutha Ndipo Mwini Nyumba Afuna Zache Pompano,kkk Ngati Sasusa Ya Rent Aitenga Kuti? Kkkk Nanga Yokapeleka Ku Bank Mkhonde Aipata? .Lamuloli Ndi Labwino Ndipo Lafika Nthawi Yabwino.Atsalanso Onyamula Folo Folo Aziwalipilitsa 50,000 Akapezeka.Akutifinya Kwambiri Tikakwera.

  2. Strike or no strike, just dont endanger the lives of our dear ones who have gone to work… And I believe in sorting out issues with ideas and not violence for ideas are said to be more powerful than guns.

  3. I dont understand,you think goverment will be following your wishes? Shame. That idea is a a good idea. Zimabhowa mu minibus anthu kuthinana kupezekaso kuti mwalodamo mbuzi. Hahahahahaha . You so called drivers ,hope you are not serious.minibus is made not to carry makatoni a usipa. Those who have got bakkies apezeko mwayi onyamula katundu.

  4. Kkkkkkkkk, we don’t have to call this a “strike”, it is just their nonsense.

    We don’t depend on them, they depend or just feed on us, let them keep the minibus for some days and see what will happen.

    The government should not intervene, Bingu once experienced this madiness of theirs, but he never came down before them.

  5. I remember during Bingu’s era,the minbus operators also did de same.The H.E intervened by commanding “box-body-vehicles” to ferry passengers.With-in jst a single day,they called-off their so-called strike.Let nobody intervene.They gonna resume operating on their own.

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