Finally: date for Chanco opening revealed


After staying home for over three months, Chancellor College students have got all the reasons to smile as the institution’s management has announced the date when the college will open.

Chancellor College failed to open for a new academic year on March 20 this year due to disagreements as lectures wanted a 40 percent salary increment.

However, the college is set to open on July 10 as management has released opening arrangements for both new and continuing students.


Chanco opens next month.

“Chancellor College is pleased to announce the beginning of classes for the current academic year. The College will have a double cohort of first years; those selected in 2016 (and attended orientation programme in March 2017) and those selected in 2017 (and have not attended orientation),” reads part of a statement
by Chanco registrar Mary Wasili.

According to the statement, on 10th July 2017 there will be orientation of Year one generic students selected in 2017, which is the intake that did not do orientation while classes for other students will begin on July 17.

The college has since reminded all students that admission into the University is based on non-residential basis hence it has advised the students to secure their own accommodation.



  1. Palibe chifukwa chonyadira,munthu wakuzunzazunza ndiye watopa yekha kukuzunzako ungamsekelere?bwampini anya manyi 2019 waonekeratu kt salabadira maphunziro more fire PAC u r real Malawians, ur commitment is the student’s satisfaction

    • double intake… 10 july 2017 cohort orientation. 17 july classes begin for 1st years and continuing students ‘generic’ plus law first year…21 july 3rd & 4th year arts huma resource management. 7 August arts communication and cultural studies ‘mature entry’

  2. Malawi 24 , lembani bwino bwino kuti after staying home for 6 solid months osangoti for over 3 months ayi.
    Azionekera ng’amba a DPP wa kuti kusova nkhani kumaavuta

  3. You are even ashamed of yourself to say clearly for how long Chanco has been close?
    For over three months ndiye kuti chani?
    Write clearly pamenepo kuti for 6 months, kulephera kwa DPP kuoneke….

  4. Poor thinking from our leaders waiting for things to get worsern then react.this attitude by our leaders shall one day make Malawi in ruins.

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