Minibus operators hike fares, call off strike


Minibus operators in Malawi have cancelled plans to hold a strike on Friday but have announced that they will hike fares.

The assurance has been made by the Minibus Owners Association of Malawi (MOAM).

Ntcheu Minibus operators

Minibus operators wants fares hiked. (File image)

MOAM Secretary General Coxley Kamange told the local media that there will be no strike following an earlier warning from the minibus operators that they will not operate on Friday.

However, Kamange said minibus operators will hike bus fares starting from today regardless of the fact that pump prices have remained the same over the past six months.

He further said that they stopped regulating prices after a court tussle with Competition and Fair Trading Commission (CFTC).

Minibuses operators usually adjust prices due to fuel prices but in this case although the fuel prices are still intact, passengers will have to pay more starting today.

Recently, Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) maintained fuel prices which were implemented in November last year.

This means that the prices remain at MK824.70 per litre for petrol, MK815.80 per litre for diesel and MK648.70 per litre for paraffin.

In a statement issued by the regulatory body and signed by its chairperson Reverend Joseph Bvumbwe, the energy regulatory body said it considered recent trends in the world petroleum products prices and changes in other macroeconomic fundamentals in the local market and their impact on energy prices.



  1. Malawi is a country of nosence and poor mind people there’s no jobs in the country and people don’t no business that’s why the country populary known by magic and which craft all stupid

  2. mumatipakila 5 kumbuyo 4 4 mipando inayo kuima mkati.A traffic mumawapitilira pang’ona mkuima patsogolo pake.Mukatero m’modzi amatsika mkukawanyemela ulendo mkumapitilira.Kukweza mitengo what do u mean?Just purchase big buses if u want more money at once.

  3. Ine ndimadabwa strike mpaka wamanibasi omwe mmene anthu amenewa amakondera ndalama dziko lathu laonongikadi chifukwa cha atsogoleli anthu amasiku ano .koma nngati ikuchithi strike imeneyo president wathu atule pansi udindo wake dziko Li alilephera .Kodi akumba liti manda ake ?mwambo wachi lhomwe amazikumbila manda

  4. Hiking fares means they wanted to strike that passengers should give in to their certain demands In other countries mini bus operators go for strike over issues like raising of fuel prices and other government regulations and taxes imposed on them.Do u mean that strike was meant for passengers or government.

    • Ndipo mama malamulo awa alibwino zangovuta po ambili mwa ife ndife aphawi ….muone kuno ku SA no 4,4 or katundu ku mbuyo kwa minibus ai wrong parking ndi mlandu akale.ukakhala ndizithu or chikwama umayika pa sit en umalipira mtengo wanthu….so akungolakwa akutelo angopanga understand bomalo

  5. Poor communications and misumderstand is the problem in malawi, the minbus guys are complaining of tough traffic rules on the roads, why cant u understand and be on theirside 4 once, they are fighting 4 our own goodness 4 god’s sake.

  6. Poor communications and misumderstand is the problem in malawi, the minbus guys are complaining of tough traffic rules on the roads, why cant u understand and be on theirside 4 once, they are fighting 4 our own goodness 4 god’s sake.

  7. Dont blame each other coz w r leaving in the last days. Simunave Baibulo likuti masiku otsiliza anthu azakhala ozikonda wokha, wokonda ndalama, anthu adyera, anthu wosowa chikondi. Jesus Christ Is Coming Again To End This Troubled World.

  8. Chikufunika Apa Amalawi Tikanangopanga Mgwilizano Osakwelanso Minibus Zawozo, Tiwone Kuti Atani Koma Kungotero Mwawona Ena Akukwera Umva Ife Tachedwa Sitingaende Pansi Anthu Ngati Amenewa Ndamene Akupasa Matama Eni Minbus

  9. The employer of Mini Bus operators is surely themselves. Operator is a business man. A self employed business person. Operator is an investor in transport sector. Now, if the self employed can stage a strike, against own business, can we surely say, there is sense? Operators are not supposed to strike, but to negotiate for better operating environment. Example, They can negotiate for tax reduction and other conditions for good business. It is surely shooting own foot to strike for fare hike. Fares must be competitive in a free market economy. Fares can go up at peak hours of services and go down when there is no business. This is a way of attracting customers. If there are over 50 people waiting for transport at one stage, an operator can decide to hike to a competitive rate. This is what happens in other countries. It is same as hotel and rest house services. It is illogical to decide to increase hotel prices and fees when in reality there are no tourists. kkkkk.. It is foolish to charge a customer who has less money, a standard rate, in an empty hotel. Clever business person shall always study the environment before coming up with rates and taxes.

    • Ambwiye businesses ya ma minibuses somebody said is usually run by anthu osazindikira. Now I understand what he meant. You have ably explained the implications of their action. The problem is, they may not see the sense in all this.


  10. Kwezani… Mudzidzadzamo nokha ndi a thaiming’i, oyitanira, conductor ndi driver, basi ulendo! Zimangovuta kuchepekedwa but minibus is the least comfortable means of transport around nde khakani nawo ma minibus anuwo

  11. Axa bus company come in now ,intoduce those buses you were talking about ,we really need them coz these mini bus owners are taking advantage of situation .

  12. Malawi needs to adopt semi state controlled market. This free market experiment ended up rising the cost of Living. If we are to do better we should part ways with Free market. The government should at least give a range of prices of things. Fairs of transport should be fixed by the government. They should put Laws on it. Imagine you go in Shoprite u find sausages at 5000 the same sausage ukapita mu chipiku plus is 2500 thats really a joke.

  13. we too people we will have a strike if the price will increase today .NONSENSE!! muzikwera nokha driver,conductor and oyitanirawo mukutionjeza kwabasi, price hike ndye zichani zausilu basi.

  14. Who obolished the city line buses?was it a law or what?I think competition and fair trade organization must review it.MEDIUM BIG BUSES JOIN CITYLINE BUSINESS,MINIBUSES ARE TAKING PASSENGERS FOR GRANTED.

  15. Stupid minibus operators.Kungomva kuti ma salary akwera basi mwati mukwenze ntengo? Vuto si kuchepa kwa ma fare ayi,vuto ndi ma driver ndi ma conductor anu amakubelani ndalama.

  16. Malume tiyamba kuyenda pasi mini bus wo adzikwera okha pamodzi ndi bwana awo komaso tikupempha company ya AXA bus company iyambitse mabus muma town a Blanytre ndi Lilongwe

  17. Koma vuto limangokula ndi umbuli chabe. Kukwera mtengo kwa minibus fare may end up in an increase in other even all goods and services, zomwe zipangitse inflation kukweranso. By the end of the day tizayamba kulinena boma lathu kuti ndilolephera chifukwa chakukwera kwazinthu, tili ife tomwe chifukwa chadyera. Amalawi, dziko tikuliononga tokha ili.

    • mmm.,no bro,a malawi siife mbuli ayii,koma kuti we dont hv a leader,had it bn kuti tilinaye bwenzi akupanga control mitengo ya zinthu,sugar pajatu anakwera kale ma bus fare asanakweretu,ndichani chomwe anayankhulapo mukuti president wanuyo? aliyense pano akupanga zimene akudsiwa mmalawi coz of we dont hv a leadership man,infact its us of coz amenedi tikuononga dziko chifukwa cho vota mwaumbulidi kapena kumangoombera mmanja zinthu zopusa..

    • Chi Pie Yes, it starts with leadership, these are results of yesterday’s mistakes.
      For instance, ngongole zomwe tikumayimbira mmanja lerozi, our leaders are happy coz they can abuse these facilities anyhow knowing that by the time these are due, they shall b out of gvt. Ndi ana athu omwe adzavutike nazo.

    • @kho & @moyowina, leaders are just there to implement policies such as monetary policies that can also increase prices of commodities in other way round such as money supply and taxation including other policies on how to run a country. Prices of commodities are made by demand and supply which are market forces. And know that in a free market type of governance, producers or sellers are price makers whereas buyers or consumers are price takers, so in that stance we can’t blame our leaders, we malawians are responsible for leaving our country at stake.

    • kkkkkk,ndipotu osayamba umbuli wake,kodi iwe ukuona ngati mmene ndati the leadership should control mitengo ya zinthu ndyekuti azipita pa nsika ndikuwauza kuti sugar muzipanga mwakuti kapena ma min bus mitengo muzipanga mwakuti?? kkkkkkk..koma zinazi

    • Government just come there and insert a maximum & minimum (ceiling & floor) price when it comes for them to curb the structure of prices, zomwe sizingatheke kunkhani yama minibus fare. Vuto anthuwa kukhala ndika minibus akuona mmalo mothandizira chitukuko chadziko lathu akuona ngati ndi chida chozunzira amalawi posadziwa kuti akuononga okha dziko lawo. That’s why ndinakamba mosapyatira kuti ‘umbuliwu tikuononga nawo dziko lathu’. Mwina mwandimvetsa bwino lomwe.

    • Izizi ndi zausiru, kukwela kwa mitengo yazinthu sikukhuzana ndi President ayi, tisamapange zinthu zoputsa dala ndi cholinga choti tinyoze mtsogoleli ayi, FREDOKISS sananame ayi izizidi ndi zausiru guyz

    • @Ralph, nthawi imene ija tinali under communism or i can say socialism economic system pomwe tinalinso pa ulamuliro wa one party system (with a certain trait of dictatorship), zomwe zili zoonadi kuti wina sangangodzuka lero nkumati basi ndi business yangayi mitengo yake ndizipanga motere, government imalowererapo kwambiri, pomwe tili pano ndi under market or capitalism (with a sound mixed) economic system, komanso kubwera kwa democracy(mphavu kuanthu), ndipomwe nginiyi inafoyira. & @kelvin, nanunso mudziwe kuti ndimmalawi, kaya ndinu a minibus owner, kaya driver, kaya conductor angakhale oyitanira dziwa kuti zinthuzi nawe zidzakupweteka on one way or the other.Sinthawi yonse ungafune kuyenda pagalimoto yako olo mu minibus umayendetsa kapena kukhala pachitsekoyo, tsiku lina uzayendako pa public transport ndipomwe uzaone mmene zimawawira kumangopeka mitengo yammutuyo. Ingakhale njira ina dziwa kuti nawe ndi victim of high inflation rates.

    • @kas, the basis is there but has to be fair reasonable and to the platforms of responsibly grounds.Think kuti madera ena ma fare a minibus ndiokwera kale, will there be justice kuti akakwezenso mitengo yokwera kaleyo?Let’s be patriotic guys podziwa kuti ma outcomes azonzezi ndi ife tomwe amalawi omwe timakhudzika.

    • Last and early this year during Malawi hunger crisis, The State President has been on platform addressing the public that maize vendors has to trim maize selling price up to the extent that security officers were monitoring vendors in markets and snatching high price maize selling from vendors. For those who r bringing issue yoti a President alibe gawo pakukwera kwa mitengo ya zinthu pamalonda, mungandiphunzitseko kuti nthawi iyi yomwe a President analamula izi kuti zisachitike, mphamvu Zake anazitenga kuti?? Musamazolowere kuyankhula ngati aMalawife ndife ogona on your nosense comments regardless your political party support.

    • Vuto lili pa malawi timawona ngati BOMA nde ndi presdent. And ndaona ine apa ndi nkhani yaying”ono koma ikukula ndi tazaonani, chomwe akanachita aboma ndi kuyitana ayini minbus ndikuwawuza agule bus zikulu zikulu aziyenda mmadela mmene minbus zikuyenda iti tating”onoti tiziyenda ntaun.

    • @clever, refer to my earlier aforecaptioned repries, i’ve said government interferes by giving a maximum or minimum (ceiling or floor) pricing mechanism, and that’s an exact case you’re saying here about the maize issue.It’s easy for our leader to command on those types of commodities which its prices can be seen at a country level, mwachitsanzo mtengo wa sugar, chimanga ndizina zotero.Pomwe president sangakhale apo nkumapereka mitengo ya minibus moreover muma location mitengo imakhala yosiyanasiyana potengera ndi economic trait ngakhale katalikidwe kaulendo.Mwina wamva chomwe ndikutanthauza.Kapena ndinene momveka bwino chonchi, minibus fare ndichimodzimodzi nyumba ya rent, ndizovuta kwa president kukonza mitengo yake, solution ndikukumana kwa boma ndi a eni a business zama minibus wo kuti aunikiranepo bwino pankhani zomwe akudandaulazo ndikubwera ndi best alternative solution, osangoti basi tikweza ma fare.

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