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Malawi Banks fight as NB mocks Standard: We don’t close banks when upgrading

It might be considered an honest advert but tongues have already started wagging over an advert by the National Bank which appears to take a swipe at Standard Bank.


An announcement on system upgrade which is going viral seems to be a direct attack on Standard Bank, especially that it is coming from a rival bank.

The National Bank advert has two cartoons conversing in which one asks another the difference between a mechanic and a doctor.

A character named Einstein responds that while an engineer kills off the engine to repair a vehicle, doctors work on a person while the person is alive. National Bank then promises its customers that it will not shut down its branches or system as it is doing upgrade.

From last Friday to Sunday, Standard Bank was on a total shutdown owing to what they said was a system upgrade.

The advert appears to hint that Standard Bank are like mechanics who can’t work on a car while it’s engine is alive.

Some quarters have faulted the line of advertising as undermining engineers. However, others have welcomed it.