Chanco to open as govt. ends salary wrangles


Students from Chancellor College can afford a smile as government has announced that the lecturers’ strike which led to closure of the college has been resolved.

The future of sitting in class soon was covered with mist as Chancellor College academic staff and the then council of University of Malawi (UNIMA) tussled on salary issue.

Chanco likely to open soon.

The development forced many learners at Chanco to have a long holiday as lecturers opted to strike until the demand was meet.

But minister of education, science and technology Emmanuel Fabiano disclosed that through a meeting held on Tuesday in Zomba at Chawe, the wrangle between teachers and management has been resolved.

“Chancellor College management will make a statement in the next days on the opening of the college,” said Fabiano in a statement.

Chanco holiday enters sixth month

The closure of the college created wide gap of concerns from various education stakeholders who demanded the opening of the college.

The wrangle of salary inequality among UNIMA staff witnessed President Peter Mutharika dissolving the council.



  1. Am not going back to xul ,for sure strike will be there soon with this salary increment to civil servants ,the rectures will see into it that they deserve double increment coz that agreement z of past 6months, mark my words,I better do something good than walking in unpromising university corridor again

  2. This is a good development………….. president guys has power a cndkudziwa kut why all this tym was unable to react……but we hav though to express our gratitude to APM kma asamachedwe kupanga react

  3. Ndinanena kuti president akangoti ali ndi minister wa Edu Fabiano, Chanco ikhala chitsekele. tinaonera academic freedom ali VC pomwe college inakhala 8 months, siizi. alibe problem ana ake anamaliza kale ku college

  4. Apatu tiyamikile APAC ngakhale enanu mumati Pac yalowa ndale , maka iwe wa DPP OMamuikila chaponda kumbuyo kuti sanabe

  5. You wasted a lot time, thanks should go to the public who fought and stand together to condemn this government for closer of our universities, thanks should also go to school pupils who fought for there teacher to meet their demands. Muthalika is not running his company but he is running our own country

  6. Simply means the issue was not all that difficult. The chancellor and his education minister were sleeping on duty. Needed to be poured cold water by stakeholders including the primary 1 learners whom they tear gassed kkkkkkk.

    1. but if he had rushed and acted koyambilira u wud hav been saying akuphangila ma udindo he’s not giving chance to the ppo responsible for thoz kind of duties

  7. Nde chikalata chawo akuti agwirizana onse pamodzi ndi a Unima Council. Kodi Unima council imeneyi ndiye iti? Mayesa a pulezidenti ayithetsa konsoloyo? mmmmm

  8. Our Govt listens now. #BigUp #MrPresident. Let no one tarnish your good image locally & internationally. Start sourcing funds for teachers’ leave grants next month,July.

    1. i dont think it was easy. remember APM took the Unima council out of the equation by dissolving it. There is more to this than wat meets the eye.

  9. This is a welcome development that the chancellor has done though my question is does the president needs PAC criticism so that it’s when he has to act

    1. It Was The Duty Of The University Council To End The Wrangles Not The President Coz Amadkla Kt A Council Apange React As It Is Their Responsibility. No Wonder He Has Dissolved The Council. Education Reforms Dont Anythng Kwa President

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