94-year-old man murdered over witchcraft

A 94-year-old man in Karonga district was murdered on Monday for being suspected to have bewitched one of his relatives.

According to information made available to Malawi24, the 94-year-old man has been identified as Kenward Kumwenda.

Police information indicate that on Sunday one of  Kumwenda’s relatives, Kenson Kumwenda, died after a mass of soil fell on him as he was digging a well.

After the burial on Monday, some villagers ganged against the old man alleging that he had a hand in Kenson’s death.

The angry villagers suspected that Kumwenda bewitched Kenson for unknown reason.

Kumwenda was then severely assaulted by villagers and later taken to his house by other relatives pending transport to take him to the hospital.

The old man died whilst at the house as his relatives were waiting for transportation to get to the hospital.

Police were informed and later medical personnel from Karonga District Hospital conducted post-mortem that revealed the cause of death to be due to head and chest injuries.

Both Kenson and Kenward Kumwenda hailed from Mbemba village in the area of Traditional Authority Kyungu in the district.



  1. most malawians are still living in the stone age.ufiti ufiti chani anayamba aonako mfiti chibadwireni chao amenewo????? akagwidwa nawo aphedwe

  2. Matsiku osilizadi..timkangangomva kuti zimenezi zimachitika mmaiko a azathu……pano zili kwathu komkuno….the warm heart of Africa uja …….Malawi

  3. Very unfortunately under this notorious conduct once this criminals caught should face stiff/hard punishment even death or life imprisonment

  4. Kodi kupanda amenewa okalambawa bwenzi ife tilipo?.Amalawi ndichani tsopano mwanyamba.Apolice anthu ngati amenewa mukagwira zaka zonse zatsala pamoyo wao akazimalizile kundende.

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