Driver fined K225,000 over accident


A driver in Mangochi district has been ordered to pay K225,000 for causing an accident which led to the death of one person.

Mangochi second grade magistrate court fined Osman Saiko, 27, to pay the fine or in default serve 40 months in prison.

The court through Mangochi Police station prosecutor lnspector Efford Kamphonje heard that on June 2 Saiko was driving a Hyundai Lorry registration number 2092 from the direction of Mangochi boma heading to Chiponde on Bakili Muluzi Highway with several passengers on board.

Upon arrival at Sumaili village, the car suddenly swerved to a nearside dirty verge as it was in high speed.

“As a result one passenger, Mustafa Stambuli, fell down from the moving motor vehicle and was eventually pressed by the rear tyres of the same motor vehicle,” said the prosecutor.

The victim sustained rib injuries and died upon arrival at Namwera Health Centre.

In court, the driver pleaded guilty to the charge of causing death through reckless driving and he begged for a lenient punishment.

However, the prosecutor said Osman deserved a stiff punishment not only because he violated traffic regulations but also for not observing road safety measures.

His Worship second grade magistrate Pearson Mwanyali then fined the driver K225,000 or in default to serve 40 months in prison with hard labour in order to serve as a lesson to others who drive recklessly.

The deceased’s family received K100,000 as compensation.

Osman hails from Taliani village, Traditional Authority Jalasi in Mangochi district.




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