Criminals cut off dead body’s eyelids, eyelashes


Police in Mchinji district are looking for criminals who dug up a grave and removed eyelids and eyelashes from the dead body.

According to police files, the incident happened last Thursday at Kadula Malambo village in the area of Traditional Authority Mlonyeni in in the district.

Police report indicates that the tampered grave is for Dalitso Zulu of the same village who died on June 11 and was buried the next day on June 12.

The grave was found dug up in the morning hours of Friday by some people who were passing by the graveyard.

The matter was later reported to the village authorities who as well informed the police about the development.

The scene was visited by the police officers and the dead body was then taken to Mchinji district hospital for examination.

Medical examination done by a forensic officer at the hospital revealed that some body parts were missing.

It is reported that both upper eyelids and eyelash skin were cut off by a very sharp object.

Meanwhile, police have launched investigation to arrest the criminals behind the whole incident.