I respect my Catholic faith – Chilima tells critics


His frequent attendance at events under Roman Catholic Church raised speculation that Vice President Saulos Chilima is eyeing votes from the church’s members, but Chilima has disclosed that his Catholic faith drives him not to miss functions under the church.

Saulos Chilima

Saulos Chilima (R) says he can not abandon his Catholic faith.

The sentiments follow reports that Chilima’s attendances at church events are aimed to coax catholic voters to have him in power for the 2019 general polls.

But speaking at the launch of Chancellor College Catholic alumni association in Lilongwe diocese, Chilima disclosed that he was raised under the Catholic faith hence no need to be missing at the events of the church.

“I have been a Catholic for 43 years, I have only been the vice president for three years so what am I more between being a Catholic and Vice President?” queried Chilima.

He further urged Malawians to fear God and not human beings.

“Only fear God and respect human beings regardless of their status in the society,” he added.

Also present during the event was The Archbishop of Lilongwe diocese Bishop Tarcizius Ziyaye.

Chilima walked out of Chancellor College as a graduate in 1994.



  1. “Sonkhanani ndikupemphera mosalekeza” koma osati sonkhanani, muzijambule, muyankhulepo kapena dzioneseni mosalekeza! Just go and pray but not show off that u pray! What are the fotos & publicity for!?

  2. He has been our Catholic staunch christian the way Bingu was and never missed Church service.We voted him as running mate when people knew he was a Catholic mother Church of all Churches born 33AD

  3. Tiyeni Tisiye Nasongole Ndi Tiligu Zikulire Limoz Zizaoneka Pokolora, Koma Musatenge Zandale Kut Zilowe Mupingo,poti Pano Athu Aiwala Kusatira Mau Amulungu Koma Ali Kukhutisa Mimba Zawo.

  4. But I dont thnk what he planned b4 he joined the presidency has bn implemented. Unless if hs principal plan was to abolish JCE! Gulu ili lationongera dziko lathu la mkaka nd uchi lija

  5. When will Malawians stop childish politics? Attending church functions has also become a crime? Malawians lets be wise and focus on developmental issues. That type of politics can’t develop our country. Everyone need & must praise and worship God no matter what he/she do, where he/she come from. As a matter of fact everyone needs God’s protection and guidance in every day life. I don’t see any problem with that.

  6. He is a staunch Catholic believer and no mattermatter what you may talk of him concerning buying votes or not buying votes he will remain a Catholic analowa asayambe ndale leave him alone.

  7. KKKKKKKK azipemphera kachetechete kumene. Soon mukatinakufuna mavoti ndekuti ayambitsa chake chipani? Kapena mavoti auphungu? Ndafusa izi coz APM apapa anyamula Chimunthu Banda ngati vice nde uyuyu apitanawo kuti mavotio

  8. As long as you stick to your faith,Vice Presidency should always be secondary. Dont mix politics with religion. Most politicians forsake Spiritual matters

  9. Munthu wandale ali ngati wina aliyense, monga mmene inu mumapitira ku church chimodzimodzi iyenso ndiye tisawone ngati ndichalendo munthu wandale kupita ku misonkhano Ya church. Wofuna kumuvotera azamuvotela sikuti poti akuyimba choir kaya kulalikira mumupingo ayi sichoncho.tiyeni abale tiziyetsetsa kupatula zinthu.

  10. That’s very true. Chilima’s presence at recent catholic events can raise eyebrows even by a layman. Yes he is a Catholic. No subtruction on it. But whatever he does now under catholic arrangement, will be misconstrued. Bingu was immediately introduced to catholic even though he was an atheist by Bakili towards 2004 elections. Reason, to woo votes from this largest denomination. Cassim Chilumpha Bingu’s runningmate then, as a moslem to woo votes from the Muslim community. Now Mia and chakwera are doing the same. From chiefs with love to religions. A voter is simply watching and waiting with ewe. You can fool some people sometimes but you cannot fool all the people all the times!!

  11. Perhaps you don’t know him better. He has been proactive in catholic activities and has been an active member of different groups at the church from his childhood days. So, the critics must starting thinking again.

  12. I salute our VP, for sure being vice president for 3 year and a Catholic for a long time you don’t need to forget where you belong because of positions no no. Heavy Salute to you Sir.

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