Madman murders police officer


A mentally ill man has murdered a police officer who was working in the detective branch at Nkhunga Police Station in Nkhotakota.

According to a statement issued by Nkhunga Police Station and signed by its spokesperson Labani Makalani the incident happened Saturday at Ngala Trading Centre in the district.

“Nkhunga Police Station would like to express its deepest sorrow and sadness over the demise of one of its officers, No. A4400 Sub Inspector Rodgers Kasitomu, 51, who until his death was the second in charge of its Investigations Branch (IB).

“Sub Inspector Rodgers Kasitomu breathed his last this morning (Saturday 17th June, 2017) at about 0800hrs at Ngala Trading Centre’ bus stage, in the area of Traditional Authority Kanyenda in Nkhotakota, along the M5 road, after he was murdered by a suspected mentally ill person who attacked whilst armed with a metal object,” says the statement.

According to the statement, the officer who was in full police regalia travelled from Nkhunga Police Station to take up his post at Ngala Full Primary School where he was assigned to provide security at a centre for the National Registration Identification exercise which is currently in progress in the district.

Upon disembarking from public transport at Ngala bus stage, the officer was unexpectedly attacked by the man who seriously hacked him in the head by using a sharp metal object.

“Following the incident, the officer sustained three deep cuts in the head and was rushed to a nearby health centre (Ngala Health Centre) by well-wishers where he was pronounced dead upon arrival,” says the statement.

The mentally ill person, who is in police custody, has been identified as Chrison Mlauzi, 20, of Rubeni village in the area of Traditional Authority Kanyenda in Nkhotakota.

The man has no proper medical reports of mental illness but he is reported to have recently developed violent behaviour due to uptake of Indian hemp.

On Friday, the man allegedly wanted to kill his mother and it is also claimed that he wanted to kill his sister at his home village.

The slain police officer served in the Malawi Police Service for a period of about 23 years.

He hailed from Maone village in the area of Traditional Authority Nkalo in Chiradzulu where he is expected to be laid to rest.

The suspect is expected to be taken to a psychologist for mental examination to establish whether or not to charge him with an offence of murder under section 309 of the penal code.




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