Govt bows down to civil servants’ demands


The Civil Service Trade Union (CSTU) has disclosed that Malawi government has resolved to adjust minimum salary for civil servants from K60,000 to K72,000 per month.

This comes as civil servants under CSTU are threatening to start downing tools on Monday if government fails to meet the demands.

Goodall Gondwe
Goodall Gondwe says Govt will meet the Civil servants demands.

CSTU general secretary Madalitso Njolomole disclosed that though the union demanded a minimum pay to be at K75,000 government has promised to pay K72,000.

Njolomole added that the union has requested to revise perks for teachers and nurses working in public schools and hospitals respectively.

During the 2017/18 budget presentation, minister of finance Goodall Gondwe disclosed that civil servants are to get 10 percent increment on their salaries, a development that angered the civil servants.

They said the money would not meet their costs of living in the country hence the decision to have the salary increased to a minimum of K75,000.

Though civil servants have a minimum salary of K60, 000 some government institutions like Admarc are reported to be giving their most junior employees as low as K25, 000 per month.




  1. Maso ngati satana….nthawi zonse kuti mukweze ma salary ama civil servants mpaka muvute pomwe mukuwona kuti zinthu zakwera

  2. K72 pin is still a mere pittance to a civil servant. I don’t think things will change in Malawi economically since its all top leaders are almost currupt and rapacious. Look at the things how they soar in price in the country! This is ridiculous. Ndrama ilibe mphamvu.

  3. Is any nation in Africa a civil servant rcvng thousand kwacha? See ur neighbours u hear mnmum saraly HUNDRED THOUSAND kagwere ukoooo. Shame to this government, wait in 2019 u gonna see.

  4. we in zambia get k3500.some one to avail me with exchange rate between these kwachas please.I may migrate to malawi ka.

  5. Its a pity that mps that already go home with full pockets are still accumulating worthy in the name of salary increment. How can their salaries be raised by 95%? So u expect civil servants to be quiet? I don’t this government is doing fair enough, we all need money, civil servants are government’s machinery, without us nothing can move in government systems. Mps only stay in Parliament arguing on simple matters just to amass allowances

  6. So Malawian civil servants get far much less than Office orderlies in Zambia?
    K72, 000(MK) is equivalent to K969(ZMK)….. The lowest paid civil servant in Zambia is an office orderly or general worker and they get K3, 000 (ZMK)….
    ….and K3, 000 is about K230, 00mk…..

    1. Mqiso Isaacs Gondwe, that’s true. I’ve friends who are teachers in Mchinji and Lilongwe… K13 ZMK is equal to K1000 MK….
      The lowest paid teacher in Zambia gets K4, 200 ZMK

    2. Zambia has mines, they have been exporting copper for a long time. Such economy can not be equaled with that of Malawi which has been predominantly agrobased for many years.

    3. And go to S.Africa. u will find out the lowest pay for a civil sevant is R5000 which is almost Mk250,000. This is bcz economy is different,once u just crossed the border,dont compare things among countries

    4. Ujeni Uyu Laughvirus, we do compare wages across countries in Economics in relation to inflation and other economic fundamentals. So how do you say, economies are different without comparing things across borders…

    5. kuno nkumalawi baba…and ur comparison is nonsese..mwakulira kuti muzidzidzimuka ndimasalaries ama civil servant??

    1. Yes brother Conel,i cant compare malawi with south Africa, but its government responsibility to think about the welfare of civil servant,….some are living in rented houses,they have children’s who needs school fees,…what about the basic needs?

    2. I wonder this guyz amanyoza salary yapamalawi but akabwera iwooo kuno 3months kusalangalala kwinako mavutoo okhaokha kumamu pumphaso olandira salary yochepa yapa malawiyo

  7. its an increment of 16.6% to civil service while an Mp carts home with 95% is that fair? The government could have done better than than bowing down to selfish demands of the insatiable Mps who r only sabotaging government machinery Government why r u holding innocent malawians at ransom appeasing the Mps who have just rubber stamped the budget since a carrot is dangling in front of it

  8. Komano osalonjedza zandalamazi pamene mukuziwa kuti mupeleke pazikhala miyezi yonjezera (kumalipira cha m’ma 51).Ife pano tsitifuna boma lonamiza anthu ake.

  9. hey u people its not bowing down its just that the government undurstand what civil servants want.I think u wanted the government to say no its when u feel happy thats Africa by the way

  10. hey u people its not bowing down its just that the government undurstand what civil servants want.I think u wanted the government to say know its when u feel happy thats Africa by the way

    1. did all civil servants go on strike? every where around the world people civil servants have rights to demonstration dont politicise anything that’s why south and central people are poor

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