Mutharika meets with stakeholders over education chaos


President Peter Mutharika has assured teachers in the country that their leave grants are ready adding that some teachers have started getting their money.

Chancellor College
Chanco still closed

He said this during a meeting with the Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) Executive Committee and representatives of concerned parents of Chancellor College students at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe.

For two weeks now Primary and Secondary School teachers have been on strike demanding government to give them their leave grants.
On the other hand, the Chancellor College has been closed since late last year as lectures have been asking for a salary hike.

According to a press release signed by Presidential Press Secretary and spokesperson Mgeme Kalilani, President Mutharika met the teachers and parents of Chancellor College students and he expressed his concern over the problems.

Meeting with the TUM Executive Committee, Mutharika assured the committee that government has been working tirelessly in solving the problem.

“President Mutharika regretted the delay but assured the teachers that government has tirelessly been working on the problem and that as of 16 June, 2017 funds for the teachers leave grants have been transferred from the treasury to respective district councils across the country and the teachers in several districts had started accessing them,” says the statement.

Later, parents of Chancellor College students told Mutharika that they are disappointed with the prolonged dispute between the council of the University of Malawi and the academic staff.

President Mutharika said he will ensure that the labour dispute between the University Council and the academic staff is resolved with speed.

The president was, however, non-committal on when the college would open.




  1. Being a Minister and leader of the Nation cant you see that it affects the development of the Nation to the World,Mr Peter thinking is the best thing on human being

  2. There are officials who work in this education department and many other departments. They are trusted with efficiency. Sometimes they fell. And because it is a system the blame goes to the executive. I have a feeling that many officers in several institutions today are failing to perform their duties. Either they deliberately want to frustrate the government for reasons best known to them or they are under-qualified for the job or they are qualified but not from a reputable school(a bad school with low standards). We are all employees the question to ask is are we efficient enough? Is our service delivery superb? Are we doing a recommendable job? I personally know a lot, I mean a lot of teachers who are pathetic. They are bad, the way they write their schemes of work is Greek. You wonder how they got their certificates. And they are the ones that make the most noise. There are questionable nurses, police men, accountants etc. whose services are nasty, they dent their profession and at the end of the day it is the president who is blamed for poor service delivery. My little failure plus yours and a thousand many other civil servants will be blamed on the president. So don’t be quick to judge before you scrutinize yourself first. Let’s strive to be efficient and Malawi will become super. Let’s love our country. It is not the question of the president it is US.

  3. The Word Ready Seems To Be An Insult,the President Should Fire G.Gondwe For Failing Malawians Otherwise He Risks Losing In 2019

  4. Where he was if he say the teachers leave grants are aveilable now, he is a sealfish he just know how to feed himself fulling his stomach while other people are staving he is a fat cat doesnt care about others

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  8. We can’t even keep running the University Kamuzu Banda brought us long ago.The school blocks he himself built….then we boast to advance….God save my nation and our minds….

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  11. It, s good development some tchers have started receiving lgs I hope the 45percent salary increase will go without struggles for fear of our children not to loose thei education.

    1. Which good development r u talking yet kids have bn already disturbed on their curriculum calender? Resolving issue after your own negligence can’t be a good development. Wait n c on Civil Servants Salary hike then it’s when you can recommend that word GOOD DEVELOPMENT or BAD DEVELOPMENT

    2. ITS GOOD DEVELOPMENT to hear that LG is now in onwers pocket. blame government on disturbance of children. Salary Hike Issue Will Bring black hawk to the nation just wait.

  12. A Stitch In Time Saves Nine. For 2 Wks Tchers Hav Not Been Teaching, Who Has Suffered? The Innocent Child. Bwana President Pali Anthu Ena Amene Samakufunirani Zabwino U Shud Suck Them. This Leave Grant Tchers Ar Fighting For Is From July Last Yr And Someone Was Justing Phwii Waiting For Tchers To React. I Cannot Totally Blame U Bwana President Coz U Hav A Lot Of Things To Do But Something Is Wrong In These Offices.

    1. Shud we say he never knew the problem ,hey even b4 he went to Belgium? No no no !your president is always slow in uptake, luk @ the Chacco issue it dates back to six months : March: & he was jst bwiiii ,waiting for a good day to pass his way not for the students & pupils eeeeesh !!!!! Osamaikila kumbuyo zinthu zopusa this man has nothing gud for Malawi


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  14. but why all this time without a solution? do we hv always to wait 4 the president to interven? are there no policies in place to deal with such matters?

    1. There are officials who work in this education department and many other departments. They are trusted with efficiency. Sometimes they fell. And because it is a system the blame goes to the executive. Where do you work yourself? Are you efficient enough? Is your service delivery superb? My little failure plus yours and a thousand many other civil servants will be blamed on the president. So don’t be quick to judge before you scrutinize yourself first.

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