Six Carlsberg employees steal 1008 cases of Chill

Police in the commercial city of Blantyre are keeping in custody six employees of Carlsberg Malawi Limited for the theft of over 1000 cases of Carlsberg Chill beer.

Over one thousand cases missing

According to an internal memo Carlsberg managing director Olivier Renson sent to employees, the theft took place on April 4th this year at midnight.

Renson said on that day, a Carlsberg brewery truck fleet number 12/16 was loaded with 1008 cases of Carlsberg Chill beer.

The truck was driven out of the Carlsberg premises unauthorized by one of the suspects whom she did not identify.

The stolen cases of beer were later delivered at one of the bars in Bangwe in Blantyre.

However, a well-wishers who suspected something fishy on the delivery of the cases, tipped the Malawi police who informed the company of the development.

Renson continued by saying that following their investigations, nine members of staff were apprehended for being suspected to have had a hand in the theft.

“Investigations have revealed that this was a planned theft which involved employees from the production, warehouse and commercial departments,” said the memo from Renson.

She added that they later conducted a disciplinary hearing with the nine suspects three of whom were acquitted while the other six were dismissed from work.

They were found guilty of charges of misappropriation of company property in the production, warehouse and commercial departments.

Meanwhile, the six dismissed employees are in police custody as they will soon appear before court and to answer charges of theft.



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