Analyst urges Chitipa to turn around form

Super League Malawi

A sports analyst has said Chitipa United will be relegated this season if they do not reorganise themselves before the end of the Super League first round.

Chitipa United have played six games so far in the league, drawing one and losing the other five. They sit bottom of the league and this this weekend they play Airtel Top 8 champions Silver Strikers at Mzuzu stadium.

Chitipa United
Chitipa United still struggling in the league.

A sports analyst in the north Dominic Kambewa Msowoya said on Tuesday that he does not see Chitipa’s fortunes improving unless the club goes back to the drawing board.

“Chitipa United need to reorganise themselves before end of the first round end especially in front need some two powerful players to help Abel Mwakilama into striking force.

“Second thing is the technical panel led by Kondwani Mwalweni needs to be beefed up by some coaches who can at least help him reconstruct the team,” he said.

The analyst then asked coaches in the north to help Chitipa United mentally and tactically so that the team’s performances should improve by the end of the first round.

Chitipa United who are based in Chitipa have to travel to fulfil every fixture since they play their home games at Mzuzu stadium.

Msowoya also noted that the travelling may be one of the reasons for the club’s poor performances.



  1. History has it that the team qualified into super league due to massive home wins so give them space

  2. Speed up karonga stadium so that them too can have home advantage.What is happening to the new comers is not fair.

  3. and the problem is chitipa united has no proper stadium.the best stadium they have is chibanja cha ndege mixed with cattle and crossing people across.u cant train nicely with only one small super market called peoples where they buy a cup of yorghut and share across the board.can they perform?if not cup of yorghut, they go inside that market and get sour milk in buckets and refresh themselves.i tell you life in chitipa is bad.where i was arrested for driving in the airport full of cattle and human being and u cant know its an airport and you expect them to pull their socks and win the league, u are jokers unless a miracle league.

  4. Home ground Mzuzu 300km away from chitipa and they have to travel all the way from chitipa to Mulanje. what do expect from them. There is no fairness for boys they spend time travelling than training time

  5. Ngat Akufuna Kukhalabe Mulig, Achose Atumbuka Ena NdiKubweretsa Achewa Ndi Alomwe Kuchokera Mzigawo Zosiyanasiyana Mziko Muno, Chinanso Apepese Kwamapale Kamba Kowalepherexa Kupata 3points “Mukakhumudwitsa Pple’s Team Muma2ruka Bac” Akafunse Karonga United.

  6. They made a lot of noise as if they were meeting Bullets! That’s in sportsmanship! Football we don’t play on papers! They deserve a relegation, thanks they just came to Blantyre to see the commercial city!

  7. Its difficult to play in superleague.
    The distance they travel each week is worrisome.
    Its playing away game every match.
    The league favours central region teams. Akufunika azikwera ndege kukasewera Ku mulanje, and one game per week is good for this team

    1. That the league favours central region teams, mmm, I disagree. Then why is it that southern region teams have more titles than the centre? Why did Civo got relegated instead of a northern team? The issue here is that; super league needs some experience and maturity. These small teams are adamant when advised to beef up their squad with some more experienced players and probably an experienced coach. The old timers beef up their squads with inexperienced players taken from lower leagues together with the gurus. If suppose Bullets lay off all its players and put an all new players team from division, it can not survive.

    2. A lot of factors contribute to the team survivor.
      One of it is distance , quality of players, refree, etc. The north have got talent.
      Most of the senior players come from the north .
      Escom, Zomba united, anatuluka.
      Nkhani ya zikho masiku ano ndiyogawana.
      Noma inatenga liti superleague, bullets , silver , etc.

  8. kaya atuluka kaya ayi,,, koma ife tikuwanyadila ndizimene adapanga poipangitsa drop ma points team ina, moti chitipa adzaidandaula mpaka kalekale

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