Police shoot primary school pupils


Police in Malawi’s commercial city of Blantyre on Monday shot at primary school pupils who had barricaded the M1 road and sang anti-government chants in protest against a nationwide teachers’ strike.

Blantyre Pupils

Blantyre Pupils were in the streets rioting.

The schoolchildren who were in their hundreds conducted demonstrations with the aim of asking government to end the teachers’ industrial action which has led to suspension of classes in public primary and secondary schools across Malawi.

But law enforcers fired teargas to disperse the learners saying they should have sought permission to conduct the protest.

The schoolchildren from HHI, Blantyre Girls, Ndirande-Kachere, Nyambadwe and Namiwawa primary schools in the city began their protests peacefully and planned to petition Blantyre District Commissioner on their desire to see the teachers’ grievances resolved.

But on the M1 road near Mbayani market the pupils barricaded the road while some of the learners stoned vehicles and pedestrians.

They also sang songs mocking the Peter Mutharika administration which is failing to end the strike.

Police reacted by firing teargas at the children and according to reports, no injuries have been reported.

Teachers in the country have been striking for a week now to force government to pay them their leave grants.

So far, the message from government is that treasury is still processing the payments.



  1. A police a pa Malawi. Demo iriyonse yomwe anthu angapange ndiye kuti atumidwa ndi wotsutsa. This country is democratic where demonstration is part of it. Manyazi bwa???

  2. what would u you say about police if the same children had stoned and damaged ur car?… ur just anti police I guess!!!!

  3. what u you say about police if the same children had stoned and damaged ur car… ur just anti police I guess!!!!

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