Police officer beaten by pupils, rushed to hospital

Officer in charge for Chileka Police was today rushed to Mlambe hospital in Blantyre after protesting pupils beat him up.

The incident occurred when learners from public primary schools around Lunzu in the city were demonstrating against the nationwide teachers’ strike.

Pupils hit the streets today.

The Chileka Police Station officer in charge and other police officers from the station responded to the violent protests as pupils set tyres on fire and threw stones at vehicles on the M1 road.

It is said that the pupils overpowered the police officer and assaulted him while other officers ran away from the scene.

The students also blocked the M1 road at Lunzu and an AXA Coach from Lilongwe was seen turning back to take the Chileka airport road as the situation turned ugly at Lunzu.

The students said they want government to end the teachers’ strike so that classes should resume.

On Monday, Ndirande, Makata primary school pupils also demonstrated against the strike.

The pupils went to Nyambadwe where they got joined by HHI primary school before marching towards Blantyre District Commissioner’s (DC) office.

At the DC’s office they explained their worry and asked for immediate action on the current teachers’ sit-in claiming they are disappointed that they are not learning.

Meanwhile, government has said it has completed processing payments for teachers from 21 districts and has assured the teachers that they will start getting their leave grants this week.



  1. Take them head on guys. At least pupils are fearless unlike their parents who just accept their fate as things go wrong in this country.

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