Internal wrangles worry Malawi Muslims


Quadria Muslims in the country have expressed concerns over internal disputes in the Quadria Muslims Association of Malawi (QMAM).

In an interview with Malawi24, one of the Quadria Muslims in the country Rafick Jafar said quarrelling by people of the same belief is unwelcome and urged the QMAM leaders to solve the disagreements as soon as possible.

He said Muslims across the world are observing the holy month of Ramadan whereby they are urged to be devoted to Allah (God) hence doing the opposite is unjustifiable.

“We (Muslims) need to be united. We need to be strong and discuss issues peacefully in an Islamic way. We have to be exemplary according to the teachings of our prophet Muhammad,” he said.

Recently, one of the founders of the association dissolved the organisation’s executive committee following internal squabbles in the association.

The founder, Botolo Gwendeza, said he disbanded the executive because members were unhappy with the way it managed affairs of the association which was formed years back.

He added that lack of knowledge about the association is contributing to infighting among the members.

“The problem is lack of unity amongst us, but we are a registered association with a license that we got during Dr Bakili Muluzi’s government,” said Gwendeza.



  1. Then you Mr founder, can you pls tell me the main objective of your organisation???? And you are not divulging the info on why people are fighting for the Post2?? All in all they are fighting for the monies which government gives the elders of the org. You are failing to built your own Muslim university or hospitals because of stealing Muslim donor monies. Shame on you

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