War over Mutharika’s Oxford address…cadets attack commentators: Kachaje was ‘weeded’ from UNIMA


A war of Facebook posts has ensued over a speech made by Malawi President Peter Mutharika at Oxford Union on education.

Mutharika’s Oxford University speech has become centre of mayhem.

After writer Stanley Kenani posted on Facebook that President Mutharika had made a wrong reference in his speech, some of Mutharika’s supporters took to Facebook to lambast Kenani and his colleague Henry Kachaje.

Most notable was renowned cadet Pato Phoya who implied that Kenani was a failed poet while Kachaje was withdrawn from the University of Malawi on academic grounds.

In trying to explain the part of the President’s speech that was faulted by Kenani and Kachaje, Phoya said the two are not authorities in history to fault the President.

“An Accountant who tried to be a poet and an economist who got weeded by University of Malawi must not pretend to be experts on colonial history,” wrote Phoya before explaining the speech of Mutharika.

His attack however was met by a mockery from Kenani who alleged that Phoya is stupid.

Kenani while mocking Phoya by referring to him as Poto used a Bible verse (Proverbs 26 verse 4) which advises against arguing against a fool. He later removed the post.

However the post had already attracted the wrath of Phoya who went guns blazing against Kenani until late night on Sunday, 11 June.



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