Two arrested for killing wandering buffalo


Malawi Police have arrested two people in connection to the killing of one of the three buffaloes which have been causing havoc in the communities of Nyakamera, Mpangira and surrounding villages under the area of Senior Chief Malemia in Nsanje.

Nsanje police publicist Sergeant Agnes Zalakoma confirmed the development as she identified those arrested as Ruo Khambadza, 24, of Mpangira village 2 and Jailosi Fungulani, 48, of the same area.

Zalakoma said the two will be charged with being found in possession of protected wild animal and killing a protected animal respectively both of which attract a maximum penalty of K5 million and 10 months imprisonment as per the country’s National Parks and Wildlife Act.

Lower shire division manager for National Parks and Wildlife Alick Makanjira confirmed that the buffaloes have been wandering about in the area but was quick to say they have so far injured no person.

“It is really true that three buffaloes have been wandering about in the area of group village head Mpangira in Nsanje district. We are yet to know where these buffaloes came from whether from Mwabvi game reserve or Mozambique,” said Makanjira.
He assured residents that the situation is under control saying they have deployed a team of three hunters to the area and they will send two more to beef up the number of rangers to ensure safety of people’s lives and their property.

Makanjira however faulted the communities for taking the laws into their own hands by killing the wild animal.
“As a department, we expected the communities to
approach us so that we assist them and not killing the animal which is protected by laws,” concluded Makanjira.
But Senior Group Village Head Mpangira said as a local leader he is concerned with the stray animals which have been causing havoc in his area.

Mpangira also backed the action of the community members who killed one of the buffaloes claiming they did it to protect their lives and property.


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  1. The parks department should first tell the nation what reasonable action they have taken to protect lives of people in the community there. It looks like the buffaloes have been a threat to human life and crop fields for some days. However the parks team is still thinking of what to do, instead of stepping in with an appropriate action.
    The two community fellows have done nothing wrong at all. They only took the required action of getting rid of the hazard before one gets killed. Wise up there.

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