Britain to continue supporting Malawi

Ms Holly Tett

The British government has promised to continue supporting the country in all development sectors.

The assurance was made by British High Commissioner to Malawi Holly Tett during Queen Elizabeth II’s 91st birthday celebrations.

Tett said the British government will continue helping Malawi in the sectors of education, trade and agriculture.

Tett: Our government will continue supporting Malawi.

The British High Commissioner further advised the country to change laws that retard development, shield corrupt individuals and infringe on media freedom.

Speaking at the same function, Malawi Information Minister Nicholas Dausi hailed the Malawi-Britain relationship saying that the cordial relationship will benefit citizens of both countries.

“Our education, lifestyle, and most of things that Malawians do resemble British style. So as we are celebrating the Queen’s birthday, we have hope that trade in the country will peak as British buyers will be buying our commodities at a good price,” Dausi said.

On Tett’s plea, Dausi said the August House is passing laws that will ensure the independence of the office of Auditor General.

Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her birthday twice per year. Her first celebration happens on her actual birthday on 21st April and the second one takes place on Saturday of the second week of June.

Queen Elizabeth is the leader of Commonwealth and Malawi is a member of the grouping hence joins the global community in celebrating the Queens 91st birthday.