Mutharika lambasts Malawian education

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has said that ancient approaches towards education are some of the factors that have been retarding impact of education on development in Malawi and Africa at large.

Mutharika said this when he spoke to students at Oxford University in the United Kingdom (UK) on Friday.

Peter Mutharika

In his remarks, Mutharika said education in the country has been focusing on less important issues that cannot help to develop the country in various aspects.

“For a long time, every student who went to school in Malawi was supposed to know who discovered Congo River or Lake Malawi. This is the kind of education colonialism left and was adopted for a long time.

“In other instances, one was supposed to be able to dissect an insect and label its parts. In the process, you would qualify a person and certify them as educated. But what is the use of such education?

“We need an education system that empowers the majority of the people beyond the classroom. We need to take education to the community,” Mutharika said.

He told the intellectuals at the renowned university that Africa is not poor but Africans lack skills and education that can make transformations when applied in everyday life.

“First, we need an education that goes beyond the classroom. We need an education whose objective is not simply to qualify and certify individuals. It must be an education that aims at building capabilities in the people. We must aim at empowering people with the skills. We must remember that Africa is not a poor continent, although its people are poor,” Mutharika told the intellectuals.

“We have the resources but what we lack are the skills for turning our assets into capital. That is the knowledge and skills that we need.”

Some university students and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the country criticized Mutharika’s move to address Oxford University while Chancellor College has been closed for six months.




  1. I cannot believe this! How can our President go out there and tell the world that he has failed, first as Minister of education under his blood brother’s leadership and now as President. My God i cannot believe this.For God’s sake, Mr President you are our national President, not only for DPP(to shift responsibilities) and you have the education, if this has to goby to be a good leader.
    You are a law professor, the education you need to help you guide your citizens to respect the laws of the Country so that there is law and order. The opposite is happening in the Country. There is rampant corruption, worse by law makers themselves. Tribalism is at its highest, and no one condemns it. Actually it should have been declared as a National Disaster, for indeed it is a disaster. A Nation that is deep rooted in tribalism is a nation without a future its citizens cannot think outside tribal walls. Please Mr President unite the Country, it is your core responsibility, get rid of all old tribalistic ministers you have. They are actually ruining your reputation as an individual and as the President. Some of are old enough, we know them from yester years. Get rid of them.
    Please sort the education system like that of your days. Really are you proud now? Think of how many dreams of the youth are dying in Malawi under your leadership, youth poisoned by hate due to tribalism, quota system and corruption. If as an individual you don’t care, please care as the National President.
    By no means my President do i demean you, but it is a cry for the future of the Country. I know change will come some day, but i pray that this change comes in your life time and now as the current President. If it doesn’t come during your life time, then lay the foundation now. Go to every corner of Malawi and declare that: tribalism, corruption, quota system are National Disasters.
    David before he died, left detailed plans and resources to build the Temple as prescribed by God to his son
    I love you, my President not by choice.

  2. By now everyone knows that the education system we got hasnt helped and will never help us to contribute meaningfully to this world. We expect you mr president that having given you the mandate to lead, you and your team was supposed to lead in coming up with actions to remedy this devastating imbalance. We dont expect our leaders just going around the world talking instead of being home and work things out. If I may ask, what have you done so far from the time you were education minister till now as president regarding the decolonisation of the system? As a proud educated president you should feel ashamed to lead a country which export majority of cleaners, gardeners, househelps, bottom cleaners and all other demeaning jobs all over the world. Please help us break free from this shame. Most Malawians have what it takes to change their life for better only when you in leadership help with conducive programs, environment and space.The precedence you in the leadership are setting is just helping corruption to thrive in unprecedented levels that the nation is becoming poisoned, where for many to live they have to cheat. Our country is at the stage where we need to do less talking and do a great working
    Talk is always cheap.

  3. Sadziwa zinthu pulezidenti wathuyu, wn his bro was in power, as a minister of education then, chanco was under closure for 8 months, now he’s the president, chanco remain closed for 6 months, competent enough? I doubt personally

  4. Ernest Charles Brosch----( Calder Brosch) --- (Grant Calder) --(Grant SHARRER ) ----Eugen Scharra -- Eugene Albert Charles SHARRER says:

    Hypocrisy Hypocrisy Hypocrisy . What a bloody Hypocrite. “We have the resource ” That’s a lie . ? He had the resource , but has wasted and abused them. Pay the teachers the money Thay are due. Inclueding back pay, and an increase for the next year.
    Mutharika : the only education he has received is how to abuse his country and it’s people.
    To learn about your history can only help you in planing your future , and to learn about the insects that can / help / hinder / and THOES that can destroy your entire crops ,your livelihood and families. ME I can think of nothing more important .
    Mutharika would have you only be educated in how to abuse your neighbor / your family / and your friends while keeping a smile on your fase , and convincing them its for their own good , while you line your own pockets. GET RID OF HIM . . .

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