Wandale has TB from prison

Vincent Wandale

Controversial leader for People’s Land Organization (PLO) Vincent Wandale has been diagnosed with Tuberculosis which he said he contracted while on remand at Chichiri Prison.

Wandale and some PLO members were arrested after they were found at Conforzi tea estate in Thyolo in a move to share the land amongst themselves as they claimed the land belongs to their forefathers.

Vincent Wandale
Vincent Wandale says he was tortured.

Wandale was denied bail as the state argued he could free to the neighbouring country, Mozambique.

He was later given a suspended sentence by a court in Blantyre but after he had experienced the state of the country’s prisons that are described not conducive for humans to stay in.

Posting on his Facebook account, Wandale informed the public that he has been diagnosed with tuberculosis which he said he contracted after he was arrested and kept in prison cells.

“Let me inform everyone that I caught a cough when I was imprisoned at Chichiri prison and ever since my release on bail, I never stopped coughing despite various medications. After thorough check up through x-ray and sputum analysis I have been told that I have tuberculosis the dreaded TB.

“I feel sad and sorry for myself that I can face such horrible treatment by a government from home simply because I want stolen property returned to the real owners from colonial thieves. It reminds me that John Chilembwe was hunted and killed by fellow black people. Thank you professor for all this. Time will tell,” says Wandale.

Malawi prisons are reported to be overcrowded, which makes it difficult to control diseases such as tuberculosis in the reformatory institutions.



  1. Pepani a Wandale kuti mwapezeka ndi TB.. Si inu nokha amene mwapezeka ndi TB, si inu nokha munamangidwapo.. alipo ambiri osalakwa amene akusungidwa mu ndende zathu zomwe zili overcrowded… Word of advice: Chonde osamatengera malamulo mmanja mwanu, boma sitikangana nalo ife nkupambana ayi.. kapena kt popeza president ndi wakwathu ayi…. Amene akukunamizaniyo akupweteketsani baba.. sinthani muzunzitsa banja lanu..

  2. Its really hard to take it but its just a coincidence just follow what the Doctors are saying you will overcome it comrade

  3. Hahahahaha akulu munali nayo kale TB,anthu amakhala ku prison for years without contracting TB.ingoyambani mankhwalawo basi mukhala bwino.

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