Ten killed in bus accident


Ten people have been confirmed dead while several others have sustained serious injuries after a Future Tours bus they were travelling in overturned on Saturday at Chingeni in Balaka district.

According to reports, the bus overturned three times after its left tire burst.

The scene of the accident

Ten have been confirmed dead with others having their heads and other body parts chopped off.

Some sustained injuries and are receiving treatment at Balaka district hospital.

Balaka hospital authorities have disclosed that other injured people have been referred to Zomba Central Hospital for specialized medical treatment.

The accident has exposed the delay in accident response as a rescue team arrived at the scene hours after the crash.



  1. If only they could be doing what Zambia is doing,ithink it can help,the bus can not leave the starting point before it is checked by RATSA ,if it is fit to travel they released it.

  2. I only hope our law enforcement agencies will change the way they do their jobs.
    These buses overloads like they have taken nkhumba, yet they go through Police and Road Traffic Directorate road blocks.
    Road worthiness of these buses is not checked. Please Road Traffic law enforcement agencies start a special passenger buses/minibuses section to check the road worthiness of these buses. Enforce on capacity. Revise carrying capacity and those standing in the bus, because these buses are not new but very much used ones.
    Stop useless and stinking corruption on our roads. I wish we had a president who doesn’t tolalerent corruption like Magufuli of Tanzania or Khama of Botswana or Kalama of Rwanda. Otherwise corruption is killing innocent souls of our brothers and sisters on our roads.
    Most of the passenger vehicles like these buses they buy second hand tyres and let POLICE and RTD direct to have these buses purchasing only new tyres and be given period of use. Can’t you do the way you have done on lorries not to carry passengers? Let these buses have seat belt enforcement. Our police is busy doing politics instead of doing their rightful jobs. I CRY FOR my people of Malawi dying like chicken yet we have Road and Safety agencies

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