Mec told to focus on reforms to regain Malawians’ trust

Elections MEC

The Malawi Electoral Support Network (Mesn) has advised Malawi Electoral Commission (Mec) to put more effort on implementing electoral reforms if it wants to regain the trust of Malawians.

Afrobarometer survey results released recently indicated that Malawians are losing confidence in elections and Mec is the least trusted public institution with 33 percent.

The study also established that people have lost trust in opposition parties, ruling parties, the presidency, parliament and councillors.

Stevie Duwa
Duwa: The ball is Mec’s court.

Reacting to the survey findings, Mesn chairperson Steve Duwa said when citizens lose trust in the body that administers and manages national elections it creates a situation whereby whatever the electoral body does including handling of results will not be trusted and can create chaos.

Duwa said it is important that citizens did not exaggerate the situation for political reasons.

“I believe the loss of trust in the current Mec borders around issues of its failure to hold the by-elections in Lilongwe and it’s my considered view that other than outright condemnation we should understand the fact that Mec has no financial independence.

“The current electoral reforms noted this and clear recommendations have been proposed for consideration. Mec is currently implementing administrative reforms which will see some changes to the way the commission operates,” said Duwa in an interview with Malawi24.

He further said all this is done to improve the level of transparency, professionalism, integrity and non-partisanship in the manner the commission operates.

“It’s therefore a question of MEC demonstrating to the citizens that it’s seriously addressing the shortcomings noted so far in their handling of their work. On our part as citizens we need to encourage our commission,” he said.