Malawians can trust us with leadership – MCP

Eisenhower Mkaka

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has claimed that it can be trusted with leadership for the country arguing the party is championing efforts to have good governance in Malawi.

The sentiments follow the Afrobarometer study that revealed that people are losing trust in elections because the polls produce bad results.

Eisenhower Mkaka
Mkaka: The survey results is a motivation.

But speaking in an interview with Malawi24 on Thursday afternoon, MCP spokesperson Eisenhower Mkaka said his party cannot betray the citizenry with bad governance in Malawi.

“We have a vision and mission for this country, for example in the last Parliamentary sitting we presented private members bill through our MP seeking that ACB (Anti-Corruption Bureau) should be independent and that tells that we are really serious with good governance and we will present more bills that can liberate institutions from political slavery,” said Mkaka.

He added that the party has been geared to see the 50+1 vote reform being effective to the party.

“The survey disclosed that MCP can get 32 percent votes and that makes us not qualifying with the 50+1 reform but if you may recall the survey also disclosed a percentage of undecided voters so it is now our duty to convince that percentage to vote for us and assure them to live on the talks we have been making in this country,” he added.

According to Afrobarometer survey, MCP was likely to take over power if elections were to be conducted at the time the study was being done.




  1. I think we can take u serious if u fix your in house battles first then come and get our support or it will be too late while anzanu akukonza zipani zawo, in the end opposition for good, Do this first ‘FIX HOUSE’

  2. MCP will bring back Malawi’s grory. Enawa ndiawa akukanikawa palibe chomwe angatinamize. A lim’boma azingopanga not kumayankha ndi pakamwa.

  3. MCP with leaders like Chakwera yes. Not these recycled politicians. I think Malawi leaders with excellent Spiritual background. Not these professors in stealing. The problem with Malawi we put God aside when it comes to electing leaders. Thats why we have these clueless leaders taking Malawi down the trentch

  4. survey anapangila kuti? apange malawi yonnse not lilongwe yokha aaaaaaaaa osatinamiza ngait mwadya bans muzakhumudwa 2019 namandwa aurthor pm akusenza malawi opanda opikisana nae. mwaiwala anatenga boma ali pa bench? kkkkkkkkkk

    1. We don’t mind if you are dead by that time Mr Phiri, Malawi will still move forward. We need a party with a visionary leadership not nyangwita zili panozi. DPP has failed miserably.

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