Chaponda wanted to kill me – Kamlepo


Rumphi East legislator Kamlepo Kalua has claimed that former minister of agriculture George Chaponda masterminded his abduction with the aim of killing him.

Kalua went missing on May 4 and was found three days later, tied with blue ropes, at Kwacha roundabout in Blantyre.

Kalua says Chaponda was behind his abduction

Addressing Members of Parliament on the issue on Thursday, Kalua said Chaponda was behind his abduction and also mentioned Police Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Duncan Mwapasa saying the DIG knew about his whereabouts.

Kalua said the abduction led by Chaponda was aimed at killing him but the plan got revealed and that was when he got freed.

“The shameless former minister of agriculture and his cadets failed to plan my assassination properly and their camp was disorganized in the first place and I am told they planned to kill me and continued with false story that I had committed suicide because of the pending case of tax evasion as well as theft of the cars.

“He hired cadets on social media to spread false stories and they already started their job with the false story that I have run away while in the hands of police,” said Kalua.

Kalua suspected that Chaponda wanted to kill him because he was one of the people who blocked the maize deal.

The People’s Party parliamentarian said when he was abducted he was being kept in a room at a hotel in Limbe where he stayed for a couple of days but nothing bad was done to him until he was dumped at Kwacha roundabout.

He continued by saying that when he was found he deliberately told the media that he had lost his memory because he knew that authorities were involved.

Efforts to speak to Chaponda on the issue were unsuccessful.

A day after Kalua was found, the police concluded that he had staged his abduction and warned him against telling the police false information.

Recently, one of the country’s human rights organization, Malawi Human Rights Consultative Committee (MHRCC) through its chairperson, Robert Mkwezalamba, told the Malawi Police Service to be more serious when investigating the matter.



  1. Always like that Tumbukas, to talk lie to make somebody look bad

  2. Kamlepo earlier indicated a northerner was involved in this. Why is the ever drunkard, Kalua, silent on that now? Chamba smoking at its best.

  3. I knew he will talk. I knew the police involved the way the concluded the matter before proper investigation. It was like a cover up operandi.Dausi and DDP and merciless support was on slot on the media to discredit him. Now the gain is on

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