We side with the poor, says PAC

Reverend Felix Chingota

…’Sons and daughters of darkness are smarter with arguments’

It might have been overwhelmed by criticism of its role in the country, but the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has vowed not to relent arguing that it sides with the poor.

The sentiments follow criticism that PAC has faced for its role in urging government to urgently address issues affecting the country.

Through its meeting organized for its stakeholders last year, PAC made resolutions to be implemented by government but this is yet to be practical as government was reported to be shunning meetings.

Reverend Felix Chingota
Reverend Felix Chingota speaking during the conference.

Later, PAC was criticised for its role in the country as others argued the body is getting more into politics.

Traditional leaders on Wednesday also added a voice of criticism to PAC arguing it is ‘partisan’.

Speaking to members of the press in Lilongwe, Chiefs led by Paramount Chiefs Ngolongoliwa, Lundu and Kawinga faulted the conference currently underway in Blantyre saying it plans to overthrow President Peter Mutharika.

But in an interview with Malawi24, PAC chairperson Reverend Felix Chingota said the body sides with the poor who are suffering in the country hence a need to call for an improvement of their livelihood.

“We are talking of our mandate as a religious grouping and that mandate is guided by Holy Scriptures, it could be the Qur’an or Bible and the God we serve is the God of the poor and we feel that our mission is to do exactly the same.

“In April we released a statement and that statement to me is a status call for us whether to be with the poor or not, and I was not expecting someone claiming to be a Christian faulting that if he serves the God of the poor but you may recall that I have said that sons and daughters of darkness are smarter with arguments,” said Chingota.

Reports also reveal infighting among PAC members who accuse the leadership of losing the direction of the intended purpose of the religious group.