Mobile money transfer, a boost to economy


One of the country’s economic experts has described the wide use of mobile money transfer as a boost to the country’s economy.

The expert Ben Kalua said this recently when commenting on the impact mobile money transfer has had on the economy.

Ben Kalua
Kalua: Such technologies are good for out nation.

Kalua said mobile banking is more accessible and easy to use especially for people in rural areas.

He also recommended that mobile money transfer services should be more established in rural areas where banking facilities are hard to find.

“It could be better and recommended if the mobile networks extended their services and made them more accessible across the country more especially in rural areas,” he said.

Kalua also admired the good job that the mobile services providers are so far doing saying it is sign of development.

He added that the establishment of mobile money transfer services has been a chain to connect people in rural and urban areas.

Airtel money and TNM Mpamba are among the mobile money transfer services that are used by people in the country to send and receive money.