MHC hikes house rentals by up to 120 percent

Malawi Housing Corporation (MHC) has increased rentals for its houses by up to 120 percent.

The hike which goes into effect on July 1 this year has seen some rentals being increased by 80 percent but the highest increase is the 120 percent leap.

According to MHC spokesperson Ernestina Lunguzi, the increase will enable the corporation to ably serve its tenants across the country.

Malawi Housing Corporation hiking rentals.

Lunguzi said the upward adjustment of rentals will allow MHC to maintain the houses some of which are not in a good condition for a person to live in.

Meanwhile, some MHC tenants have described the rental increment as exorbitant.

In an interview with Malawi24, one of the tenants residing in Zingwangwa who opted for anonymity said the housing corporation should have hiked the rentals by a maximum of 50 percent.

The resident said a letter which he has received from MHC indicates that all the houses which were at K60, 000 have been hiked to K130 000, a thing which he said is worrying.

Another MHC client, Raphael Mbewe of Naperi also criticised MHC for hiking the rentals at a time when income is not increasing.



  1. The reason that MHC has put on the table,to raised the rentals is not understandable. They must tell us what,was the use of money they have been getting 67 years ago for them to fail to maintain some old houses?. If their misuse the Money and mismanage the budget, they must not still the Money from pool Malawians .we know that corruption is the one forcing them to still from Malawians by hiking house rentors without proper thinking.

  2. ”… a time when income is not increasing”??? Lame excuse. Income does not increase. Rather you embark on a mission to expand your incomes. The world will not be paused at night mode mererly because an individual is sleeping. youhave to play catch-up. So stop the nosense. Pay up or you have to seek accommodation elsewhere. For starters, try Bangwe, Naizi, Kuchensomba, Mtopwa if u are here in Blantyre or Mtandire/ Kauma/ Mathanki etc ku Lilingwe. We dont need a country of mourners ayi. Zikomo.

  3. Kkkkkkkk,thandie wa shadreck apa ndiye walankhula landlord tikwezenso tenant kwawo ndikumwa mowa.kkkkkk.muziona.

  4. It’s so foolish and shamefull to tell the landlord not to hike his rental fees. Kukhala wanzelu you would think wise by intensifying plans to build a house of your own.
    Inu mmati asakweze ndimmene zinthu zakweleramu. You were sleeping, now wake up and realize kuti cha mwini ncha mwini.
    Kamangeni zanu nyumba

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