Man puts cousin for sale

A man in Dowa district has been arrested after he attempted to sell his 20-year-old cousin to a businessman in order to source money.

Dowa Police Spokesperson Richard Kaponda told Malawi24 that they have arrested Foster Kaikeni, 26, for attempting to sell his cousin Michael Waluzani.

According to Kaponda, this happened Tuesday at Chinyanya Village in Traditional Authority Chiwere.

“The suspect wrote a letter to a businessman at Dowa Boma who owns some shops and maize mills offering for sale his cousin at an undisclosed price,” Kaponda said.

The businessman told him to bring the man and later tipped the Police about the incident. On the agreed date, the suspect took his cousin to the businessman’s shop.

“While they were agreeing on price, the businessman cheated the suspect that he wanted to answer the call of nature and he then called the Police,” Kaponda added.

The suspect will appear in court soon after investigations.

The suspect and his cousin come from Chinyanya Village Traditional Authority Chiwere in Dowa District.