Malawi students want Mutharika barred from speaking at Oxford


University students in the country have asked students at Oxford University to bar President Peter Mutharika from speaking at their university because he is failing to reopen Chancellor College, Malawi24 has learnt.

According to students at Chancellor College, it is unjustifiable for Mutharika who is Chancellor of University of Malawi (Unima) to speak about education in the United Kingdom while Chancellor College students are failing to access education.

Peter Mutharika
Peter Mutharika faces the wrath of Chancellor College students.

Reports are indicating that Chancellor College Students Union has communicated with Oxford University Students Union to cancel Mutharika’s planned address at the reputable university.

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) have also expressed concerns over allowing Mutharika to speak at Oxford University.

In a statement seen by Malawi24, the CSOs say Mutharika as a Chancellor of Unima has not addressed the closure of Chancellor College which has remained closed for six months despite various appeals being directed to his office.

“He is presiding over a government that is impeding academic freedom and the right of university to carry out research. This is evidenced by the government’s recent condemnation of the recent Afrobarometer study of the State of Governance in Malawi,” reads the statement.

The CSOs argue that it is hypocrisy for the president of Malawi to paint a rosy picture of the otherwise pathetic state of Malawi’s crumbling education, agriculture and health.

“It is our duty to highlight these issues to express our disapproval at the Oxford Union to allow President of Malawi to spew lies about the current state of Malawi,” adds the statement.



  1. Sad even the students do not know who the real problem in this unfortunate issue is. The Chanco lecturers have become too big for the good if the country. On salaries above K700, 000 surely they should understand that government has done what it could. Otherwise, the lecturers could jump ship and go where they think they will get the pay they seek.

  2. Ernest Charles Brosch----( Calder Brosch) --- (Grant Calder) --(Grant SHARRER ) ----Eugen Scharra -- Eugene Albert Charles SHARRER says:

    I applaud all students of Malawi for striving for a better and higher education
    Education will be the greatest influence any Malawian can have on its country
    The 70 year old man at the ‘Helm’, IS TO OLD, and to set in his ways to effect the changes you need.. In the country that my Great Grandfather played such a large part in creating, I am sad that Malawi is still being held back from its true potential due to a man , covered in controversy and under investigation for corruption .
    Mutharika To Speak At Oxford ? ?
    He should try “CAMBRIDGE” were Eugene SHARRER ‘s son Arthur Charles Albert SHARRER studied more than a century ago, the students there will see right through him

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