Rich people in Malawi offer bribes to avoid taxes – Afrobarometer

A study by Afrobarometer has revealed that rich people in Malawi offer bribes with the aim of avoiding taxes.

The results of the study singled out the wealthy saying they are widely perceived as likely to use bribery and personal connections to their advantage.

Bribes are paid to avoid taxes.

Afrobarometer said the negative effects of corruption on development are well documented and spoken as the country loses more revenue through this immoral and inhuman behaviour.

It has been revealed that 78 percent of rich people in Malawi are well known for bribery to access public services than ordinary people who according to the findings, their bribery percentage is at 37.

The institution further cited cashgate allegations against government and parastatal organisations and top officials, as an example where more of the concerned parties are the rich.

“Afrobarometer survey findings suggest a widespread public perception that the country is failing in its fight against corruption.

“Popular perceptions of corruption are high and increasing over time. Large proportions of Malawians say they have to pay bribes to access various public services,” reads part of the findings.

The findings further indicates that half of all citizens believe that ordinary people can make no difference in the fight against corruption, and there is widespread fear that retaliation and other negative consequence may befall whistle-blowers.

Afrobarometer added that Malawians feel the government is performing poorly in fighting corruption.