PAC denies blocking Mutharika for 2019 elections

Fr. Peter Mulomole

The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has downplayed reports that it wants to block President Peter Mutharika from standing during the 2019 general elections.

This follows sentiments made by government spokesperson Nicholas Dausi that PAC connived with opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) to submit to Afrobarometer a proposal for presidential candidates not older than 70.

Fr. Peter Mulomole
Fr. Peter Mulomole: We have given them an honest advice.

Dausi added that PAC is behind the Afrobarometer survey arguing the study was “cooked” to frustrate DPP.

But speaking in an interview with Malawi24 on Monday afternoon, PAC publicity secretary Father Peter Mulomole said it is worrisome to have such comments from government.

“The problem with DPP is that, when we say something and MCP also gives an advice on the same they think we are working together but honestly speaking that is not true, we cannot manipulate the findings that Afrobarometer released and it is shameful to have such comments from the minister,” said Mulomole.

The submission from the Afrobarometer report on age limit saw Mutharika being the only candidate who is not eligible to contest for presidency as he is 77.

The findings disclosed that citizens are demanding a president who is young arguing that many who are aged fail to deliver due to the old age.

The findings witnessed an angry face from DPP who faulted credibility of Afrobarometer as it also disclosed that MCP was likely to win elections at the time the research was conducted.



  1. Regardless of whatever method was used to gather the information or the variable included, the TRUTH is that Malawi indeed needs a younger president. The maximum age of a presidential candidate should be pegged at 55! We need a young president who can change with times, who is mentally alert and who can quickly respond to the country’s challenges and not an old president who does not know what is going on in the country but believes all lies presented to him by his ministers who are only interested in enriching themselves. Look at Zambia, all the old politicians of the 60s have retired and young ones are running the country with new ideas. I support that the law be changed so that old people should not run for presidency.

  2. what I know is that research findings enable individuals to make crucial decisions in running their affairs! here it entails that whether govt or opposition side should at least organise themselves in rectifying their shortfalls! period! no finger pointing!

  3. In the first place, the survey should not have included such a variable. Somebody must have instructed the researchers to include it. That somebody is surely the anti-APM operatives.

    1. Patrick, put your statistics jargon aside! Whether one hates APM or not, the reality is that he has been a let down to.Malawi. Our country needs a young, vibrant and mentally sharp president. A president who can attend to the country’s problems with minimum delay. Look at the problem of Chancellor college, closed for 6 months! I support Opinion’s suggestion that a presidential candidate should not be more than 55. Those against the idea are those that are benefitting from the current arrangement. Things must change with times and the future of this country lies in a younger president and younger cabinet ministers. Let us accept the changes!!!!!!

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