Criminal shot after trying to rob CID officer


Police in Blantyre on Monday shot a thief who tried to mug a police detective.

According to police files, the suspect who has been identified as Richard Gaza was shot in the stomach in Limbe.

Police reports indicate that on this day the criminal attacked Criminal Investigations Department officer Owen Msiska who was passing by Bluebird Street and demanded a cellphone.

The criminal produced a big knife and hacked the detective on the left arm and the officer sustained big cuts.

The police detective then shouted for help. Police officers who were on patrol around Bluebird heard the cry and advanced to assist.

The criminal attempted to escape and charged again towards the police officers.

After firing in the air, Constable Liwonde shot the criminal in the stomach rendering him unconscious.

Both the attacked police officer and the criminal were immediately taken to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital for medical attention.

The police officer has been treated as an out-patient while the criminal is in critical in the theatre.


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  1. Its a surprise ngati akukhapa inu a polisi and you resort yo shoot why saying mob discipline should stop…any difference here?

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