DPP angry with Malawians because they want a ‘younger’ President


The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government has faulted the Afrobarometer survey that disclosed that Malawians want an age limit for presidents to be 70 arguing the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) is behind the proposal.

This follows a survey by the Afrobarometer that disclosed that Malawians need reforms that will set age limit for presidential candidates to be at 70.

President Peter Mutharika who is expected to be the DPP candidate in the next presidential elections is 77.

We want a young president – Malawians

Government Spokesperson Nicholas Dausi said the proposal to have age limit of 70 for the president was made by PAC to allow Malawi Congress Party (MCP) win the 2019 elections.

“This issue was also raised during National Consultative Council debate between 1992 and 93 that time I was with Kamuzu, but people argued that we shouldn’t have age limit because we can have someone who can deliver but is aged.

Dausi says age limit talk not appropriate.

“The Public Affairs Committee has told MCP to have Afrobarometer release such submission for them to win elections, why should we have age limit when we have a constitutional right to vote for any person, do you want us to have incompetent leader? This is a cooked report,” said Dausi.

Commenting on the matter, one of the researchers for the 2017 Afrobarometer report Joseph Chunga said it is worrisome that policymakers have selective acceptance of results of surveys in Malawi.

“This is not new to us, in 2014 when we released a report that DPP was likely to win, the party that was in power then was bitter with the findings,” said Chunga.

The ruling party has also disclosed that Malawians must applaud the DPP government‘s achievements, citing a fight in corruption, freedom of the press, the signing of access to information bill in just mentioning some but a few.

“This is the party that can be trusted with leadership, for the first time in history Journalists have elected a female leader under the reign of DPP,” explained Dausi.

The findings of the Afrobarometer also disclosed that MCP was likely to win the elections when the research was conducted.



  1. This should not worry DPP. The party has many young members. Isn’t Chilima a young person? Please DPP I think its true Malawi needs young leaders.

  2. midara yimaganiza at a slow pace-tikufuna mafana oti aziyende ndikusintha kwa zinthu technology and economies.

    midara ndiyofunika izitiuza nthano za mmene zinthu zinalili kale zinthu zisanasithe.

  3. aaaaaaaaa mwaxiwa liti? mukuopa chan pa aurthor peter kkkkkkkk mufune kaya ai mulila simunati dpp mpaka mpaka

  4. Mwayamba kale kunjenjemera. Malawi should not be a country where those who have retired from their jobs should come and grab the presidency. In civil service the retiring age is 60 meaning someone above such age is not capable of performing his duties efficiently. Dpp has capable people who are below 60 who can stand for the presidency. Why giving Malawians someone who’s unable to make quick decisions.

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