NGO promoting girls’ education in Ntchisi


A Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) called Go Malawi is working to promote girls’ education in Ntchisi district.

In an interview with Malawi24, Mphatso Joseph who is the programmes manager for the organisation in Ntchisi said they embarked on the program as a way of making sure that girls go further with education.

“We send girls in Ntchisi to school. We assist them with school fees, English lessons during holidays and involve them in communal projects like conservation so that they feel that they can do anything and they can become who they want,” Joseph told Malawi24.

Malawian girls drilled (Image credit: Startland News)

He said after noting that learners were not being selected to secondary school, they introduced an after-school program and now students get selected to secondary schools.

“So far learners are able to get selected to secondary school and do not depend on pass only. On top of that the area never had anyone who reached college but now we have one qualified teacher, and 3 college prep students to start college in June,” Joseph told Malawi24.

On why Go Malawi chose Ntchisi district, Joseph said that girls in the district have been marrying at a tender age hence the organisation wants to support the girls so that they focus on school.

As a way of encouraging learners, the organization awards best performers by giving them certificates and other incentives.


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    FOGROP is working in many areas : GIRL EDUCATION, ENVIRONMENT, ORPHAN. On Education FOGROP is assisting Girl Education by providing Educational Equipment so that they can not stop going to school.
    In the meantime FOGROP is assisting 300 girls but we have a heart of assisting more Girls who have no parents nor poor parents. We also wanted to assist orphans who are both at school and none school going GIRLS.THEREFORE WE WANT ASK YOU FOR BOTH FINANCIAL AND MATERIAL ASSISTANCE WHICH CAN ALLOW US TO ASSISTANCE MORE NEEDY GIRLS.THEREFORE. WE WILL WAIT WITH HOPE.

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