Malawi Govt. Congratulates itself for developing Malawi

Kondwani Nankhumwa, Peter Mutharika

Government has hailed President Peter Mutharika for developing Malawi despite operating without direct budgetary support since taking over power.

In a statement issued by Minister of Information Nicholas Dausi to mark Mutharika’s third anniversary in office, government has urged Malawians to appreciate the current administration’s efforts.

“We wish to remind the people of Malawi that when the president came into the office, donors had stopped direct budgetary support due to cashgate. This means for three years, president Mutharika has run his government without budgetary support,” said Dausi in the statement.

Dausi says the DPP regime is ticking.

“It is imperative therefore that as a nation we congratulate President Peter Mutharika for successfully steering Malawi through these most difficult and trying times.”

According to Dausi, Mutharika’s government has in the past three years continued to rebuild the economy to gain the confidence of cooperating partners so as to win back budgetary support.

So far, the African Development Bank and World Bank have started giving Malawi budgetary support while the International Monetary Fund has maintained its Extended Credit Facility with Malawi.

“The maintenance of the IMF programme is significant because it marks the return of the confidence of the international community in Malawi, which will trigger budgetary support from more cooperating partners,” says Dausi.

In the statement, Dausi has also listed some of Mutharika’s achievements such as construction of roads in the cities, introduction of technical colleges, coming of National Fibre Project, National Identity Program and passing of Access to Information law.

Mutharika took over power after winning the 2014 presidential elections, beating former President Joyce Banda and Malawi Congress Party’s Lazarus Chakwera.




  1. Which roads in the cities is dausi proud of? The roads that are substandard?? Ask John Kapito, he’ll tell you his side of the story about the city roads in Blantyre.

  2. what matters its not budgetary support, what matters is efficient allocation of resources. Tax monies are enough to develop the country. Lavish style of Spending by Government comes in when there is a budgetory support.

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