Health workers ignoring public reforms


As President Peter Mutharika is eyeing reforms in the public sector, some civil servants are ignoring the reforms as witnessed by two health workers who have been arrested for stealing medical drugs at Zomba Central Hospital.

Zomba Police Station spokesperson Patricia Supiliano has confirmed the arrest of the two health workers.

Supiliano has identified the two as Patrick Phuzokananji, 39, who is hospital attendant and Chisomo Khonyonyowa, 30, who is senior technician.

Patricia Supuliano
Patricia Supuliano: Confirmed the news.

According to Supiliano, Chief Pharmacist at Zomba Central Hospital received a tip that there was a laptop bag containing assorted medical drugs such as 1000 tablets of Aspirin, 100 tablets of erythromycin, paracentamol 500 mg 1000 tablets, metronidazole 250 mg, brufen 2000 tablets and contrimoxale 480 mg 1000 tablets.

“After the enquiry it was established that Patrick Phuzokanani was the owner of the bag and after being interviewed he revealed that the drugs were given to him by Chisomo Khonyonyowa who is senior pharmacy technician,” said Supiliano.

The two are answering the charge of theft by public servant which is contrary to section 286 of the penal code.

Currently, investigations are in progress to unearth more details and evidence on the matter.

Phuzokananji hails from Mandala village while Khonyonyowa hails from Kwipululu village both from Traditional Authority Chikowi in Zomba.

Police in Zomba have since advised those working in public hospitals to stop the malpractice because it is against the law.