Daliso Chaponda into British Got Talent Finals

Daliso Chaponda

Malawi’s high flying comedian Daliso Chaponda has now qualified for the grand finale of the British Got Talent contest following an impressive performance in the semifinals last night in London.

The 37 year old was as expected on top of his game having managed to send the audience into a chorale of laughter with his jokes.

Daliso Chaponda
Daliso Chaponda : Flies the Malawi flag high.

This left the panel of judges with no option but to vote him into the final which leaves him land one of the biggest landmarks in his career.

Daliso performed in front of his family that included his father Dr George Chaponda, Malawi’s fired minister of Agriculture, his mother and brother. It was clear that his blood was not disappointed in him as they could be spotted joining the chorale of laughter at his every crack.

The media was not safe from the top billed comedian’s jokes, as it was trolled for being corrupt.

However there were no hard feelings from the media personalities in attendance since it was jokes.

His achievement is being celebrated in Malawi with the social media already flooded with posts on the subject. The Manchester City resident has been rated as the best of all flag carriers by others.

He is expected to win the competition having received a word of encouragement from judges during his audition session.

The nod into the final has boosted Daliso’s confidence ahead of his last performance. Will put a smile on Malawi? Yes he can!


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