Chanco holiday enters sixth month


Long stay gets gloomy for students of Chancellor College as their end of year holiday has entered its sixth month with the opening date not yet known.

The institution closed on 23rd December and was scheduled to open on 20th March. But a labour dispute involving the college’s lecturers and the University of Malawi (Unima) council saw the holiday getting prolonged.

‘Still at home’ Chanco students at court protesting against fees hike last year. (Library).

Since the dispute reached boiling point, the conflicting parties have been engaged in a series of dialogues. However, the talks have yielded nothing as they keep ending in a stalemate.

There is no hint as to when the dust will settle, forcing the students to accept the situation. Only one prayer for the college to open as soon as possible still unite the Chirunga community.

Last year, the Polytechnic found itself in a similar situation which led to the institution’s closure for six months.

The persistent abnormal breaks of some University of Malawi colleges have raised national concern. Last month the Chanco situation was debated in Parliament despite not having the issue solved for months.

Meanwhile, concerned parents and guardians of Chanco students are making efforts to have the issue solved as soon as possible. They have among other parties staged meetings with the University council.

Chanco last closed for more than six months in 2011 during the fight for academic freedom. It was forced to go on an 8 month break.

Ignoring the normal holiday period, students have spent home 2 months and 13 days.