Ten years for raping daughters for money rituals


While you will be told to work hard in your businesses and the farm to make ends meet, one family in Machinga district believed the father should be sexually assaulting his children to become rich.

Eastern Region Police prosecutor Dickens Mwambazi told the court in the district that the convict Fadweck Kamadzi, 40, sexually abused the girls for three years.

According to Prosecutor Mwambazi, the rapist convinced his wife in 2013 to allow him to be sexually abusing the girls who at that time were aged thirteen and two.

“The wife agreed to the arrangement allowing Kamadzi to be abusing the girls who are now aged five and seventeen,” Mwambazi told the court.

The victims publicized the issue in 2016 that made community members to notify police about Kamadzi’s malpractice.

The court in the district found Kamadzi guilty and slapped him with ten years imprisonment with Hard Labour (IHL).