Democracy under threat in Malawi – Researchers warn


Researchers have warned that democratic institution of elections is under “serious threat” in Malawi.

Democracy under threat in Malawi

The SOS has been sounded amidst popular discontent with elections and the current setup of the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC).

According to a study conducted jointly by University of Malawi and Afrobarometer, about three-quarters (74%) of Malawians are against the president appointing commissioners for MEC. Instead, preferring the commissioners to be selected from a pool of qualified applicants.

The study also shows that more Malawians believe, with the current MEC setup, elections will continue to give the country bad results and leaders.

“The Survey findings show that the democratic institution of elections is under serious threat in Malawi,” concludes the report of the findings.

The researchers have so far advised the country to adopt electoral reforms that have wider and solid public support to restore the trust of the population in elections.