Negligence costs young girl’s hand


She was taken to the hospital with hope that she would get malaria treatment but the visit to Embangweni Mission Hospital has seen the 3-year-old girl’s hand being amputated due to a nurse’s negligence when giving blood to the patient.

Grandmother to the child said the girl, Jessy Shawa, was given a drip of blood that was replaced later with a drip of water.

The woman later noted that the left hand of the young patient was swelling and changing colour, a development that she reported to a visiting doctor at the hospital.

The doctor disclosed the problem was due to anomalies in transfusing blood to the 3-year-old girl.

Shawa was later referred to Mzimba district hospital where doctors amputated her left hand.

Family members have since demanded action on the matter as they seek help from civil society organizations.

Embangweni Mission Hospital administrator Kondwani Zgambo is reported to have denied commenting on the matter saying he needed to consult first.

This comes days after Nurses and Midwives Council of Malawi suspended nine nurses for negligence.